Adopting a pet in Spain


Are you a dog or a cat person? A pet can add life to a home and make an ideal travel companion during your expatriation in Spain.

However, formalities or regulations might put you off traveling with your pet making adoption a better option.

Are there any particular rules or procedures for the adoption of an animal in Spain?

What are the costs associated with adopting a pet in Spain?

Are there different procedures depending on the animal?

Are pet-sitting options available?

Have you ever adopted a pet in Spain? Is he or she still with you today?

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moving over 31st march,will be looking to get a puppy soon after.any reccomendations foe the xativa(valencia) region would be welcome.


I have been a dog breeder for over 45 years, in Sweden, Norway and here in Spain for the past 15 years. I have travelled around the world with my dogs to different exhibitions. I have helped friends to bring dogs from Spain to other countries. I have a good connection to ASOKA Castalla (dog reescue center). So yes I think I know what it takes to get a pet from Spain and I am willing to help and share my experiences.

There is no reason to adopt a dog in Spain as the streets are littered full of strays/ abandoned dogs and cats, more inland than on the coast, I got all three of my pets from Spain, one from the rubbish bin, she is not 14 years old, another that I took in while fostering hunting dogs that had been abandoned, and my cat was also found on the streets.

Jeez why would you breed dogs when the streets are littered with abandoned strays, the shelters are full, and they are killed on a regular basis, I believe they wait 10 days before killing  the strays. It seems totally immoral to me to be breeding dogs while shelter dogs die!!!!!!!!!!!!

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