Moving to Spain with dog.

My husband and I are moving to Spain within a month or so. We have 2 dogs that will be coming with us. In the process of getting their health certificates, one of the dogs bloodwork came back abnormal. They vet is hesitant to give a rabies vaccine due to possible cancer. She just had her rabies less than a year ago and is good for 3 years.  She is also does not have a microchip. The microchip can be done but the Spanish rules are they have to be done on the same day or chip then rabies. But dogs with cancer can not receive rabies vaccines.  So with that information I was hoping to find out that if she does in fact come back as positive to have cancer (god I hope not 😢) are there exemptions for this??  I'm hitting walls trying to find this information out. So any help here would be greatly appreciated.  
@Cheryl Cambra-McCann hello
we moved 2 years ago and when we registered our dog with the spanish vet, we were told we didnt need the rabies shot because spain has no rabies!
so just double check.
so get the ferry into spain because its france you need rabies shots.
Where did you move from?
Where did you move from? 
@Cheryl Cambra-McCann we moved from the uk but drove through france to Galicia. 
One thing you will need to do is microchip for your dogs passport.
Dont be affraid to email vets in the area your moving too, they are so good and are happy to help.  when you arrive go and register your dog right away and you will be given a EU passport for your dog. 
vets are so much cheaper here, I took my dog for a check up (he is getting old) for a few lumps and bumps, i was given the all clear and it didnt cost me a penny! you only pay for the treatment unlike the UK where you pay £65 as you walk through the door.
let me know how you get on

I will definitely get a doggy passport when we finally get there. But we are coming from the United States. Spain requires them to have a rabies vaccine and chip either on the same day or 21 days apart before entering the country. My dilemma is trying to find out if there are exceptions to the rules for dogs with cancer since they can not receive rabies vaccines.  
google vets in the area you are moving too. ask them for advice as well as your own vet get all the info you need now so your not in a panic.
also check with the airline so you have all the info you need. they mHope ay want a vet check before the flight?? 

I also moved horses that needed a extra vet check before they got on the ferry. so just get as much info asap.

Hope your dog will be ok.

let me know how you got on.

Thank you. This makes my brain want to explode 🤯🤣
Hi! I wrote a whole thing and not sure what happened, so here I go again. We moved 4 months ago w my two dogs. As far as I understand the tabbies issue is not the local vets. It is simply a requirement the Spanish government has in order for dogs to fly. Rabies and chip are a must. So perhaps ask your vet there if there has ever been exceptions. Perhaps a letter from your vet explaining will get you the certificate to fly
have 5 ragdollcats al of them have rabys vaccine en have a ship + pasport en familytree the ship is linkt to my name en nie number wat brings my cats always home.
@Cheryl Cambra-McCann 
Bonjour Cheryl,
Si vous vous installez En Catalogne, le vaccin contre la rage n'est pas obligatoire. Par contre, si vous vous déplacez avec vos chiens dans une province où c'est obligatoire, il faudra les faire vacciner. La puce d'identification est obligatoire. Le tatouage de l'animal n'est pas reconnu. Nous avons dû faire pièce notre chien. Le vétérinaire vous fera un autre carnet correspondant à la province de votre lieu de résidence. Gardez le carnet français si vous retournez en France et faire marquer les rappels également déçu.