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Can anyone recommend a good bar to hang out in? I have been in Phnom Penh for three weeks and have so far enjoyed a skybar near my hotel. I'm looking for more of an English pub type of social place. Thanks in advance

Have a look at these 7 bars. … phnom-pen/


Cambodia expert team

Thanks Joe. I will check these out.

I like the Grand River bar and restaurant down along the quay. Had a hard time opening the link Joe provided but Joe and I met there some time ago. I like the people and food there. It’s not an English pub type place. You may want to try the lone star bar and grill. It’s not English either but the food is really good.

Thank you. I found a good English style restaurant last night. The Rising sun near Riverside is small and they have excellent food.

Check out the Box Office if you want some nice craft beers and an interesting environment. Say hello to Paul for me if you happen to go. It’s down by the palace and an easy tuk tuk ride. I stayed upstairs for awhile. Paul is a good guy.

I was near that area last night. The next time I'm in the area I will definitely check it out. Thanks, I love craft beer.

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