I am looking for a Wing Chun Kung Fu school or teacher in Phnom Penh.

I am very interested in studying wing chun.

Hello westonzellmer

I invite you to drop an advert in the Sports classes in Phnom Penh section of the site to increase your chances to find a course.


Thank you very much Kenjee.

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I Like martial art, i practice by my self (mix self defense)

Maybe we can practice together?

I've studied wing chun since 2001 I can show you many things

I recently moved to PP.

I did Wing Chun for many years in Canada, and I'd love to get back into it. If anyone wants to form a small group, please let me know. I'm available on the weekends.

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AriBray :

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Send him a private message. Contact info should not appear here, out of safety reasons.


I there now some wing chun in Phnom pen ?

Here is a link with martial arts schools in Phnom Penh, maybe you can ask there?

http://kh.wowcity.com/phnompenh/?what=m … ts+academy

Good luck.

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Any updates on this? Did wing chun for half a year in bkk while i was in school. Now back in pp, n miss learning.

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