Badminton courts??


Does anyone know badminton courts (other than the ones at the Olympic Stadium) in Phnom Penh?


Hi Kun, you could maybe post an advert in the classes section of phnom penh classifieds.;)

Hope it helps,

Found one. It is called City Villa and is located on 360 and 71

can i join u for badminton?

Just saw your post.
I live near the city villa and go there for badminton occassionally.
It seems quite odd that the court is often fully booked though.
Hope you have a good time there.

I would like to play badminton too. Maybe we can organise a badminton meet up? Need 3 more people:)

I am not that good in badmington, but I want to try it with you guys. Count me in pls.

We can try and organise may be two teams, 1 with more skillful and 1 with less skillful...anyone else interested?

Cool. So you know any friends interested? or do we just wait for replies here?

Hi All,

I just saw the posting today. I am interested as well to join in the badminton games.

So how do we go about this?


Hi badminton players,

I would like to play badminton again. I used to play with some friends at the court near City Villa Hotel, but they are always fully booked now. Have you found another place? Can I join your club, even if I'm probably not a good player compared to you guys?


hello all. count me in for badminton, please :)

managed to get in touch with 2 other players and book court for badminton matches every sunday for past 3 weeks. we are 3 players for now, would be nice to get more people to even out the odds and take turns, not play on and on.

so, looking for additional players to join us every sunday, 11am-1pm.
pm me for details.


Hi would like to join to play badminton with you guys in february.
Any duties payable bringing badminton rackets to cambodia?


Are you all playing tomorrow 11am to 1 pm?
Mind if I join you? Could also bring a friend. How many are you now?
If you are playing, can you tell me where exactly the courts are?


badminton sounds great ..even i'm not even good at it. Hope to play with u guys when i have free time .

Does any badminton group need a new member?

I'm available at 6 - 8 pm on M-W-F and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

My level better than beginner a little bit.  :)

Hi, any recommendation of good badminton court? I plan to play with my kids.

Hi guys, i am very much interested in playing badminton. I used to play badminton when i was still in the philippines. If you need someone to play with you guys, i am available. Contact me at 016843245. Thanks.

Hello Franz0425 and welcome to :)

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Sport partners in phnom penh section. It shall help.


Karen :)

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Is there any badminton games going on in this forum?

Hey Friend I am LSW from singapore
I am quite Ok in badminton I often go to Cambodia Phenom phen sorry from the spelling
Can you guys share places in Cambodia to play badminton I stay near orassa and if I happen to go than maybe we can chat here and meet up when I am in cambodia

My racket's are
Sintec trinity80
Li ning flame aeroflow
Pronex amotec
Flex power n33
All the racket's are white only n33 is sliver and I love white color

Maybe you guys can share your racket's too as i am instrested


Whenever I go to PP I always play at Khemarak Badminton Club.

Khemarak Badminton Club
Address: No. 9, St. 281, Boeung Kak I, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 012-56-30-34


Hi everybody,
My name Iris Tran, Im working in Cambodia. I like badminton. Can you help me find good badminton court and badminton group. Thanks.

Hello guys,
Is the topic still active..?
Im from Philippines and im really looking for a group or team that i can play badminton with. Hopeing to play from you soon guys.... thanks.. :) I used to play in Philippines and i want to play again..

why not we create a group on wechat or watsapp ?

fully support

Wanna play badminton here as well. Pls add me to the group as welll. (If there is)
Wechat - manniaxx

my WeChat ID: KitAhKit
currently I'm in PP

Thanks Kitthy

Hi, do you guys still play together?

I am in Phnom Penh and looking for a place to play badminton.

Thanks :)

Hi friend,

We have badminton club where it is located at #1, street 207, Phnom Penh.
It has 4 courts.

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Hi. ( Cambodia sports club on street 207).

Can you please share contact number of supervisor / manager , who can book the court and speak english?

Hi friend,

Please contact with this number: ***

hi cambodia sport shop.. may i know if when and what time that the courts have an available slots.? and what is the rule of the court is it a per hour rent of the court or per person...? thanks..

Where about?

carrieeechan :

Where about?

You should have searched the forum for "badminton", then you had found this thread with answers.


Cambodia expert team can also play at CCC the Cambodian country club. There are 2 badminton courts and other facilities.I personally teach tennis overthere.have a nice day

kennybun : can also play at CCC the Cambodian country club. There are 2 badminton courts and other facilities.I personally teach tennis overthere.have a nice day

Hi Kenny,
Anyone or group playing badminton there?

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