Igo - Weiqi - Baduk - game of Go

Hi everyone !

I was wondering if the game of Go / Igo / Weiqi / Baduk (according to your language)was popular in Cambodia ?
Being an amateur myself (though quite unskilled, I'm afraid), I would love some tips and advices about places I can buy a board (goban) and / or find people to play with. Any idea ?
If you're really sure what this game looks like, here's a clue : http://www.jeuxdesophia.com/images/stories/jeu%20de%20go.jpg

For all purposes, here's a link to the wikipedia page of that amazing strategic game.

Cheers ! :-)

They sell those at the bookshop here.

Hi Chococambo,

Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to check the main bookshops this weekend !

Cheers :-)

hi do u wanna play igo somebody?
i wanna play also.
i u interesting me. u can reply to email
** to me.


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hi everyone, i am also interested to play go. PM me if you are interested.

Yay ! Other go players ! \o/

I propose we set a date and place to meet and play together !
As far as I'm concerned, I am mostly available during the weekends (not on Sunday afternoon though). I live near Independance Monument and I have a moto, so I'm quite flexible on the place.
Where and when would it be more convenient for you to meet ?



I live near night market. can play (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) after 18 00 and any time on weekends.
How about this Saturday ~ 17.00 ? Do we have a goban ?

Saturday 17:00 sounds just fine for me.
I do have a goban and stones.
Where do you wanna meet ?

Btw for those who are interested, gobans and stones can be bought at IPC, near the Phnom Penh Tower, on the 1st floor.

I am quite new at PP, do not have any preference yet, you can pick any place you like.

All right fellows!
m1ha and I met this Saturday for a set of games, and it was great!
We are thinking about meeting on a regular basis to play so, if you're interested, please come out and play with us!

We created a group on facebook "Go players in Phnom Penh " to coordinate our regular meetings.
Once again if someone is interested to play go you are welcome to join, even if you do not know rules that's ok.
Picture from our first meeting :)

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How to join this group ?
I really like to play Game Go.
I wan to join this group. I stay in phnompenh.

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Thank you !
My facebook name " ** "
I asked to your group In facebook already .
Please give me permission for join your group in facebook.

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For understandable reasons (spam, adds, strange and creepy networks ...), our moderator explained that external links and contact information are not to be shared on the public threads.
So, if anyone is interested by joining, please PM me, I'll send you the link to our facebook group.
Thank you :)

hey are there still go players in Cambodia, I arrived not too long ago and would be interested

Yes, we usually play on weekend. For more information please find us on FB or send me PM\

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