seeking Help Visiting Germany to Plan a Move

Hi All,
I know what I am asking for is not real specific, but hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find out how to plan a move to Germany.
My husband and I are planning a trip to Germany this April to scope out real estate, jobs etc. We are going to look around the Rheinland-Pfalz area- outskirts of Frankfurt and the towns near Ramstein. Does anyone know if there is an organization, or expat 'guide' type group that can help us learn more about the area, job availability and show us around certain areas? I'm doing a lot of research online, but it would be so helpful to talk to experts in the area.

You should look for relocation consultants, who are specialised in exactly that (for a fee).
I am very sure they exist in a cosmopolitan metropolis like Frankfurt, less so in the rural backwaters around Ramstein (Why would you want to move there?), but you can check Kaiserslautern, the only city nearby.
You are also welcome to read the mountain of good advice existing on thais forum - and can post any detailed questions you have, which were nbot already discussed.

In general, that's what the internet is for. Plenty of direct information if you look. But we could probably give more information if you get more specific; like what kinds of jobs, your education and work experience, citizenships and if you speak German. For the vast majority of jobs one needs to speak good German - although some niche fields might offer exceptions. But even if one would find work, to stay for any length of time one should speak or be prepared to make a great effort to learn the local language. Yes, one can survive with English but not likely thrive in either professional or social aspects.  One’s age can be important since very few here manage to get a new job after the age of 50 and one might be too old to get into a public option healthcare plan and have to pay a lot for a private one. And what do you mean by real estate; a place to live or specifically in buying property or what? Most people rent in Germany and apartments rather than a house with garden... too expensive in a generally already expensive and tight housing market.

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