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This is Elizabeth from Canada, I am in Merida for a few months to escape winter and appreciate the beautiful city and culture. I'd love to join an expat community to make friends, explore together, and enjoy socials (I love parties, museums, music, performance, artistic events, etc.). I find it's not easy to find an expat community here, the access to information is limited.

At the same time, I am also looking for a clean and quiet accommodation. I have a strict health routine and I cook heathy meals most of the time. I am staying at an airbnb with wonderful hosts, but I'd love to have a place with privacy and easy to get around. I don't drive and I don't speak Spanish (for now, I am learning Spanish!:)

My personal email is *** I look forward to hearing from you and having together! Ciao ciao:)


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Welcome, Liz,

Merida is loaded with ex-pats so you should see them soon. Many meet at the Irish bar on the primary street. Prol. Montejo, almost impossible to miss. Remember though it is a bar, but the food is good. Its Hennessy's Irish Pub.

Thank you so much!:) That's great to know, gracias! Are there social media of expats activities and events? I did not find internations, and not on facebook or meetup. I wonder, is there a local website or something like that?

there is an F.B. group perhaps you need to look more at Yucatan to find them, I found them quickly, and you would benefit from looking at www.mexperience.com.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/3322132 … oup_header

Gracias! Is this one? "Expats In The Yucatán"

Thank you! Just joined:)

He Travellight, I'd like to add you as friend,  but cannot find a way to add friends, is this how Expat.com works?

well, Liz,

you can post questions any time and I will help if I can. There is a PM system but I had to limit it because of some problems.  Those sort of issues is why we had to ask that people not give out personal information like email or phone numbers.

Unfortunately in a public forum,  most but not everyone is as nice as you.

Oh I see! Thank you letting me know. Will join some expat events and orientate myself:)

Hi, we spent 3 weeks in lovely Merida, 2 years ago. Check out the meridaenglishlibrary website. You will find many expats active there, and can participate in the English speaking programs. Check out the events: meridaenglishlibrary.com/events/. In a new city, one can also pop into a rental or real estate office, advertising places in English. They are always helpful to give you information, even via email. Good luck, Hanna

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