AirBNB New Laws

NEW CYPRIOT Law passed yesterday to regulate Users of Airbnb, etc

The bill, which covers both new and existing accommodation will now require owners / landlords that do not have a registered business, thus not paying VAT on accommodation income to the Cypriot government to pay a 14% flat rate tax on all their income generated.
Existing users will have a two year period to streamline their service, but will be liable as of yesterday on a 14% tax on any income received. Following the Cypriot government discussions with Channel partners new (users / landlords / owners) will now be obligated to enter a serial number – provided by the Cyprus government – before allowing home-owners to use their services. Expect this to come into effect within a month! … b-rentals/

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Just adding a further 14% to the rate isnt going to cut it... I suggest that those who are involved in AirBnB rentals should simply register and pay only 9% tax... thus making themselves 100% legit...

i am told that one can add the  going rate of tax in the AirBnB settings...  but one still has to declare your gross income and maybe also the taxes levied and to be paid

Thank you for sharing this update on the new Cypriot law for regulating users of Airbnb and other booking platforms. As an expat living in Cyprus, I understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. This new law requiring owners and landlords who do not have a registered business to pay a 14% flat rate tax on all their income generated is a significant development. I believe this new regulation will bring more transparency to the short-term rental market in Cyprus and help protect the interests of all parties involved. For those who are new to the platform, it's good to know that they will be required to enter a serial number provided by the Cyprus government before allowing home-owners to use their services. If anyone is looking for more information about this new law, I found the website to be very helpful. Thanks again for sharing this update with the community.

@William Davis  Do you think that AirBnB is looking at these new rules as it certifies homeowners that rent out rooms?

Thanks for this information.

I'm a UK resident and own an apartment in Cyprus which we let on Airbnb etc. We have registered with the Deputy Office of Tourism and so have a licence number for our property. We declare any income and costs for the renting out of our property as part of our income to the HMRC in UK. So I am wondering if and how we might be affected by this new law. Any advice please?

Am not 100% sure of this but My understanding is that you are required to register for tax in Cyprus on rental income derived from Cyprus immovable property but I must admit to thinking that income is meant to be declared here in cyprus.... Not in UK or other homeland .. Did you not register for tax here . Was that not a requirement of getting the CTO licence...

@glee74 Surely by registering in Cyprus you must pay all the taxes in Cyprus.  It is surprising that you are even able to declare overseas rental income on your UK tax return!