Squatters Cyprus law


I've rented an apartment in Cyprus. But I'm afraid to go on vacation and find a surprise when I come back.

Does the law in Cyprus protect squatters?

What makes you think you will get squatters in your apartment when you are away

Because I'm from Spain. And the law in Spain protects squatters, it's almost impossible to kick them out once they are inside.

That's why I wanna know how the laws are in Cyprus. Because If I get squatters I'll have a problem with the owner of the apartment and maybe I'll have to pay the rent and pay the trials and everything in the court to kick them out. It could take months.

I don't think there is anything such as squatters rights here and if you were unlucky to get them notify the police and the owners immediately.... I've been here 7 years and never heard of anyone getting them but that's not to say it doesn't happen

If you have a contract and you're a good payer i don't think they will kick you out.

The problem is not me. That problem is that someone gets inside my apartment while I'm outside. How can I kick them out?

You call the police and the owners

As long as you have contract and up to date payment of rent, You can call a police and sue the owner.

I am assuming that squatting in the residential properties is against the law. To enter your flat they would have to break in which is the police matter. I would notify the owner that you are away and ask to keep an eye, also explaining that you are concerned about squatters. I am not sure how it is in Spain and how squatters gain access to residential premises without breaking in, which would be illegal.

It is a reasonable concern that am sure you are not alone in feeling as its a very real issue in these days of covid , unemployment money being short families to home and feed etc BUT we cannot let ourselves be limited by these feelings/concerns  - these incidents are  probably in a small minority.. Let your landlord know of your absences and neighbours too if you feel safe in doing so maybe they can keep an eye open and watch for any unusual activity.

In all honesty I think people may be more at risk of landlords defaulting on their mortgage payments and risking being repossessed whilst taking the rent payments than squatters.

Its one of the things most renters fail to ask a potential landlord  - "do they own the property and have the right to rent it out and can they prove that to you before entering in to a contract?"  as most assume that they are the owners or are acting on behalf of the owners and thus dont ask

good luck

Buy some timer switches that switch lights on at different times.

Similarly for a radio  and maybe some solar powered security lights they're not expensive and easy to fit

@David21321421  you might be right , i have heard of one case which has gone on for approx. 7 years ,  & there is a apartment next to mine which has been empty for 7 years over a legal  case ? .

I recently inherited some property in North Cyprus.  There is a squatter living there rent free.  I cannot even get a insurance inspector to go to the home to get it insured against any damages. 

How is this fair?  I know someone is entitled to housing.  But not for free and on a home owners dime.  This is a ridiculous law.  Who are the law makers?

Are there any quick routes to getting someone out other than the courts?

Or maybe we should just stop investing in North Cyprus?

Unfortunately that is the way of the world it seems. Did you ask them to leave? Have you taken legal advice? Given the laws and enforcement are poles apart it will probably take time. Might be worth enlisting the help of the local mukhtar.

There is no easy and quick way to get rid ...but far be it for me to condone such actions but some people offer to pay a few bob to a local villain to sort it out ..

@Toon You should not be advising people to employ criminals, and in doing so you make yourself part of a criminal conspiracy to acts of violence  ... not what I expected from this site ...

@Toon You should not be advising people to employ criminals, and in doing so you make yourself part of a criminal conspiracy to acts of violence ... not what I expected from this site ...

Maybe read what he said AGAIN!!

@MyCandyGirl I made it quite clear I don't condone such actions.. and it's not advice merely an observation as to what some people do

@phildraper 1.  My mother asked him to leave over a year ago.

  1. I asked him three months ago.
  2. Lawyer put the eviction notice on his door.
  3. Lawyer met with him and asked him to leave.  He refused.
  4. Now I am in the process of getting all my documentation in order now that I own the house to go to court.

i had the same problem with my fathers house in the uk , i told the people they had 14 days to leave or i would be moving back in with my mates myself ? - they left .