Looking for property in Northern Cyprus

G'day all

Anticipating moving to Cyprus early September subject to my house transaction completing smoothly!

Initially was contemplating Famagusta following my English 'contact' out there advising that I couldn't purchase property in North Cyprus? Since then I have discovered that yes I can! So am seeking a new build 3-bed (preferably bungalow) with plans in place for private swimming pool and photovoltaic panels in order to alleviate electricity costs. This being now in Northern Cyprus.

So, fingers crossed all goes well with current UK sale, and can meet up with some expats once I'm settled as am moving out alone.

Thanks for reading, Cay

Please make the decision wisely ! If you work remotely please understand that it maybe difficult to update some softwares too in disputed regions. North Cyprus also does not have a route to citizenship . Their permanent residency requirements do not allow for travel outside TRNC for more than 60 days if I remember . I remember asking everybody about moving to Peyia vs Parlimini for cheaper areas in Cyprus. We finally decided on Peyia and it was a easy transition .

Peyia is nothing compared to Limassol but has very good vibes and the main cities Pafos and Limassol are nearby. I recently visited Latchi harbor which is near to North Cyprus . It felt very cut off from rest of Cyprus and I would not live in such a remote place. Please visit Famagusta and live for 30 days before you make a decision. Research all these issues !

please read

TRNC ENTRY / RESIDENCY RULESLast Updated 21 Feb 2023 by British Residents Society

Much appreciated dvb, many thanks.

Have no intentions once I'm transfixed there to not travel anywhere longer than perhaps 14 days, so that doesn't faze me.

Shall view properties in Peyia and see what I can come up with.

Do you know or can you recommend anyone as a contact who can assist with the transition please?

Thanks again, Cay

Sorry, but following on from some research, Peyia is in Paphos - am looking at North Cyprus so this isn't an option.

However, thanks again for your input

Hello everyone and welcome Incognito2411,

Since the new members thread is meant for introduction, I have created a new topic on the Cyprus forum from your post so that you may better discuss with members.

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Thanks Bhavna

@dvb123  I agree about Famagusta .. I've literally just got back from a visit there 15mins ago and it wouldn't be my choice.. but everyone's different

We have visited the north side a few times and it is indeed a good 30% cheaper than south  it's just not for us .. 

.    I suggest to the OP to visit and try before buying .. take a short term let and see what they think....

My only option is to rent out there prior to sale of property (it won't be an apartment, nor a property on a complex).

Can anyone advise on contacts who rent property for (hopefully) a short term and not expensive please?

Toon, can you possibly provide your reasons why you feel adverse to Famagusta?

Also, can you recommend the cheapest area to purchase property?  After all my research the most favourable has prompted Famagusta.  But I don't live out there and can't properly compare.

Search for Lapta TRNC.  I live this area nice area's, freundly people, better facilities and more of a village feel large cities not favourable for me.  Also there is plenty of ex pat support in Lapta.


Ideally like I did book yourself a hotel for 1 or 2 weeks Lapta area and visit estate agents ones with British landlords not Turkish landlords.  The one I use is first rate.

As others have said it's horses for courses   one man's rubbish is another man's riches .  Its personal taste and wants ... We really didn't like Famagusta at all it seemed run down rubbish and waste materials everywhere.... But in fairness  we may not have seen the best bits 

Best thing you can do is not to commit to anything until you have seen it for yourself....  Take a few Airbnb short let's for a few weeks each  move around try the areas that interest you give yourself a chance and time to test the waters in each area.....and take the time to see how places are morning noon and night ..dynamics change ..

@Incognito2411 my question to you would be why Famagusta...... In my experiences new arrivals rarely get it right first time ..mistakes can and are made but it's all part of the experience. Take the experiences of those who live there and have made the odd mistakes and learned from them. Manage your expectations and dont beat yourself up for making a mistake .. we have all don it.i made mine in Malta and then moved here better armed and wiser for it  but made less here for sure

I have travelled all over the North and I feel the best place is Lapta, I live right next to the sea. and a much smaller community.  Ideally start at this side and you will not be sorry to start off in Lapta.

Wow!  Don't know where to continue from here.  Understand Toon where you're coming from, and thanks Habergham - I shall look into Lapta.

Must admit, with all this confusion I'm wondering whether to look into Crete - be happy to hear what you guys think if you have any experience etc.....


It's all about residency and the costs involved, they will say you need this much income in any country to live there per year, that can also change per year, what health insurance you need.  Every country is different but the TRNC is much cheaper to live than most other countries at the moment but thinks change.  I pay my water, electricity, mobile phone and home Internet and for all it costs me approx less than £80.00 per month at the moment.

@habergham .  Sounds a reasonable amount to pay for all that included.  But am planning on photovoltaic panels which I've been advised will be 0 electricity bills during warm weather

@habergham Please keep me advised on new properties in this area - would be good to know what's happening regarding villas/bungalows in this vicinity. 

Thank you habergham

@Toon What is the reason for leaving Malta ? I always read that it is a beautiful English speaking former British colony !

@dvb123 too small too insular too many cars horrendous traffic too much development too expensive..our time had come to leave...enjoyed 6-7 yrs there made good Malti friends some of whom followed us here .... no regrets we learned a lot

It you want to be in expat central then Lapta is indeed a good place to go.  Anywhere within 10km of Kyrenia is excellent for hospitals, schools, chemists, supermarkets etc. Farmagusta is getting more popular; not the city itself, but the area to the north of it where there are dozens of new developments; if you want to live on a complex.

You will find that Brits and Germans are no longer the dominant foreign group in the north as more and more Russians are pouring in (many from the south) with bags of cash to take advantage of the slightly easier banking rules. This is putting up property prices because Russians tend to be younger than the old style expats and seem to have alot of money!

Crete sounds like a place you should look closely at IMO. 


Unsure who told you that, it is cheap to use electricity but you will still pay electrical charges, the solar panels in the North only heat your water.  Most of the time you should be out and about but in the winter with the required heating it could be expensive.

Thanks guys.  Am aiming to staying within south of Cyprus, ie Ayia Napa, Protaras.... and intend to have photovoltaic panels to compensate my electricity.  Also have heard that electric I don't consume will warrant a repayment back?  Can anyone confirm this please

@Incognito2411 unused power generation is credited to the electricity account in units of power for offsetting against later bills .. it's not a payment as such. There was a time when unused power generated at end of each year was lost benefitting the AEK.. i think that may have changed.

NB there is a limit to the kWh size of installation I think about 5kwh...but there are ways around that. If its a new build..many new builds have them installed as part of the build...

Note also that AC summer use can be heavy with AC on cooling but winter use of AC not so much.. Make sure you get good quality inverter based AC units.

There are also independent water heating solar panels usually fitted as standard that in my experience have proved to be extremely efficient. They also have an immersion heater fitted in the water tank for occasional winter use....

If you opt for a property with a pool you can also have a solar water heater for that as well ....

Having just got back from Protaras area i think its a good choice however it does get very quiet in winter . But there are other good choices within easy reach such as Kapparis, Frenaros, Paralimni, Liopetri and Xylofagou.. and most still have "life" in winter... Not as yet sure of activity about the Protaras and Ayia Napa tourist  strip areas in winter .. my guess is it's very quiet ....as is Coral Bay in the west albeit it is still active but many establishments do close down for 2-3 months but the outlying villages are still generally active with local activity

We have booked for another break there in October so will be having another look around the area

@Toon Protaras will be ghost town in winter.

@adamincyprus yes i believe so...  Many of the hotels bars cafes etc close and staff start to leave to go home around beginning of November ...

you can always watch a chap called george on youtube - 'cyprusinsights' he does video ours throughout the winter so you can see just how quiet it will be!

I did look at quite a few YT vids on the Protaras area in winter and yes it is a tad deserted ..but having said that coral bay strip is not much different with just a few expat bars cafes open. The closure period in my location tends to be from 3 weeks to 8 weeks post new year, but we can always find somewhere local today and drink

It is what it is