Pool or no pool?

Hello!  We are moving to Cyprus this fall and will be looking for a rental in Paphos, preferably in Peyia, Tala, Coral Bay, or up north close to Akamas.   What are your thoughts on renting a house without a pool?  We would love to have a pool but don't really know how practical that is.  Is there a lot of cost for the upkeep such as running filters etc.  We would probably pick a place where the landlord pays for maintenance.

How many months of the year do people actually USE their private swimming pool?  Would it be a waste of money, and just simpler to drive to the beach?  Also we have heard about the swimming pool closure problems that Cyprus is having.  We would LOVE to have a pool, for the first time in our lives, but want to make sure we are being practical.

On another note, we will be looking for a place (2-3 bedroom) in October if anyone knows of any furnished rentals around that time.   Thank you!

@jnladventures it's all.personal choice..

Usage probably May to October the more hardy people will get use from march/april to november/december

Pool closure problems are mainly restricted to communal pools on complexes.. no lifeguard available at open hours generally means no licence and thus operating an illegal pool with no immediate indications of resolution by CyGov. Private pools are not an issue at all.

You say 2-3 bed place so i assume a detached villa maybe with a pool .. we have had most options townhouses and apartments with communal pools on complexes and detached villas and bungalows with private pools over 9 years ..private is in my opinion a better option but there is a greater cost ... Electricity being the main one and most landlords would rather not have the cost of electricity paid by them but many will.offer pool maintenance in with the rent .. electricity at approx 35c per unit all inc. depending on pool size and.pump size required the running cost just for power based on just elec for 3-6hrs per day is in the region of 21c to 40c per hour and it needs to be run winter and summer obviously less in winter but no less than 2-3 hrs per day.. on top of that there are chemicals to pay for such as chlorine ph+and ph- plus maybe floculent occasionally .... .. if cleaning is done by a pool man then you will pay approx €50-100 per month... But they generally provide chems but as with everything chem prices have risen too... So even that rate may well be higher now. I was lucky to be taught by a professional to do my own pool maintenance and as therapeutic as i found it i dont miss having my own pool but on the other hand my missus does.. but we do have access to the complex pool and yes we do break the law ...against my better judgement but when needs must in extreme heat .......as it's an unenforceable and unaffordable law...

The sea is free however and is generally cooler in summer than a pool and warmer in winter than a pool...

Also bear in mind villa rentals now are at ridiculously high rates...