Planning amnesty

Hi everybody,

I have heard about a legislation called "Planning Amnesty" that has been in force for at least 8 years.

According to this law, house/apartment owners can build an extension up to 60 sqm or 20% of the building density in accordance with the land registry.

This law has been renewed every year for the past 8 years.

I was wondering if in a communal development (where there are several houses), the owner needs the approval of the other owners to get the extension built.

Also I am wondering if anybody has already been through this process and has any experience to share.

I know I should ask my solicitor but I would like to ask here first to get more information.

Thank you.

Any changes will need the approval of all owners ..for sure as you would be changing the share %

@Toon Thank you for your message.

It has been very challenging to find information about this topic. I feel like nobody really knows what is the law.

The process of getting approval from owners is complicated ...I looked into something similar when I wanted to fit PV panels  and was told each owner including co owners had to approve and it needed copy deeds too to prove the ownership of those owners approvals

Not the same as property changes but just an idea as to what may need to be done... best advise to give you is speak to the on site committee if there is one and to the municipality planning dept....

Thank you so much for your help Toon.

In my case I plan to extend a house that is part of a development with several houses (like the big projects from Aristo, Leptos and other developers).

I know that I need the approval of other owners to extend the house, but I read from an article online that with this Amnesty law, you don't need the approval of the other co-owners of the development, hence my question.