visa issue

i am a engineer working in IT sector in mauritius my 90days business will expire on 6th feb company already applied for my work permit on 10th january can anybody tell me in how much time i will get work permit .

You should normally get it before the 6th of February if it is an occupation permit. 3 weeks should be enough for them to process your occupation permit.
If it is a work permit then it can drag more. You need to check with your company to speed things up.

what is the process of occupation permit can u plz is apply online or i have to go to passport office for applying.

how much it will take after verification of documents

Ask for your company. Your company is the one who should apply for you online.

When you can get it, will depend on your company

thanks for advice dear tell me how much time they will take for permit after verification of my documents.

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