Long-form Birth Certificate for Residence Permit in Belgium


I would like to ask regarding the birth certificate. I am from Indonesia and currently waiting for my single permit to work in Liège. I am also planning to come with my spouse.

The Belgian Embassy here told me that I need to provide the long-version of birth certificate (and its translation) for residence permit application in the commune once I arrived in Liège.

However, when I asked my employer back in Liège, they said that I don't need to provide the long-version of birth certificate or even the original/short one. This is confusing to me because I haven't got any information regarding the use of long-form birth certificate in Belgium.

Can anyone help me with this matter? Do I really need to provide the long-form birth certificate? How important is it to provide the birth certificate for both I and my spouse? If it is, what kind of BC that I need to present?

Any responses would be very helpful.


Well, the certificate of birth is not used for the work permit itself.
But it can be requested by your future commune when you'll register there.

And so, many embassies request people to provide their certificate of birth (legalized/apostille) in order to be given to the commune if they request it.
Even if most communes in Belgium don't care about it, as they'll use your passport as proof of your identity...
At some point, if the embassy request it, you must obliged it...

You should go to your administration in your hometown (government/police/whatever...) to request an official certificate of birth + official stamp on it + then translation + legalization/apostille

For safer side, bring an apostilled birth certificate with you. You can get it translated once you are in Belgium and translation can be legalized here.

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