Appeal letter decision

is anyone have an idea what to do if your appeal letter decision period past and no answer yet from IDN.

I send an appeal letter on August 19, they told me they will make decision on November 21,and then they extended to Dec 5. When I call them they told me the decision is not made yet I can check on the website what to do next if the decision is not made.

I don't want to go through that any help on this will appreciate.

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Why was your original application turned down?

p.s. I've removed the other 2 posts you've made asking the same question.

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They said "Sufficient justification for the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay was not provide" yet I have been several times in Netherlands it's not my first time

I have talked to you about it a while back just couldn't find my previous account

This is my story. Am married to a Dutch for 10 years, currently we separated. I have a Dutch citizen son who live with me. After separation my husband left us and moved to Holland and he don't want to do anything with me or our son.  I applied a facilitation visa under parent of minor dutch child. I have been denied because of the reason I mentioned above.
I send an appeal letter which the decision period past on 5th Dec. I don't want to go through notice of default because  I don't know  how long it gonna take for that.  Am just  stuck I don't know what to do next.

Hi again.

I remember the conversation.  I suspect all you can do is go through the notice of default.  I say this because you need to force the issue in order to know where you and your son stand in regards to your son's rights as a citizen of the Netherlands.

Hope this helps.

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