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Hi everyone
Im moving to malta next week and wondering if anyone can give suggestion for looking for apartment? I only need a studio or 1bedroom and i was wondering if with something like 700 euro month i can get something decent like in pieta msida or sliema?

And also, where should i  be looking for it? Agencies?

We found our place via Dahlia, but we paid a price for them 'locating it' for us, 3% if memory serves, then first month rent and security deposit. If your company is paying, then maybe no problem. We also had good success with Frank Salt in terms of understanding how things work. If you can do it privately, however, it should in theory cost you less in my experience. Good luck!


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You mean 3% from rent?

You paid 3% of the rent plus any fee or only 3% total?

Onwards are you  get receipts from landlord every month for the rent payed?

Anyway thanks, i guess best way is try and look for the Frank salt agency guess they can help me finding a place and asnwer my doubts :)

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