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We are looking for the best options to buy furniture for new accommodation.  The options seem to be either very expensive or very old fashioned.  please can you share options

Hi Gdad,

What kind of furniture are you looking for ?  There are a few shops that sell just any kind of furniture and those that specialise in a certain type of furniture (wooden, leather, glass, metal etc...) Also you can find furniture makers, woodworkers.



Depends on what type of furniture you are looking for.

Different stores sell different types of furniture.

Some still sell 'old fashioned' items because some people still look for them.

The big stores like Courts, jKalachand, TFP, sell different types of furniture. They have quite a few on display and you can also customize your selection and they will make it for you.

Agree with Winston. We bought all our furniture and white goods from Courts and Kalachand and very happy with them.

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