Has anyone purchase anything big  from  ALIEXPRESS china  i.e large canvas frame, wall paper, large rug etc ?

how does it work when the parcel arrived in Mauritius ?  do you have to pay extra at the post office in Mauritius? and where do you have to collect the parcel from, does it come to my local post office. PLEASE HELP . Thanks in advance  :)

If it's a medium size item, it will come to your local post-office and you will have to go and get it there.

If it's a large and bulky item, you will have to go to the central post office in Port Louis. Depending on the type of item and the value, sometimes they will make you pay the 15% VAT like they do with large electronics.
But like I said it really depends on the circumstances, like I know many people who bought quite large items but were not charged.

HI Winston, Thank you so much for the reply .

i am planning to buy  the following , but i'm a bit unsure  how much the post office will charge me. am i allow to buy this from abroad? do i need any paperwork etc

Curtains : … 70997.html

3d wall paper: … 2607.html?


I bought a lot of things on ali express on the declared value under Rs 2000 you have nothing to pay after that limit tva is applicable .purchases comes to pout louis but can be sent to local post office upon request which takes 3-4 aditionnal days

Thank you o much Dario

Bonjour et si on achete des petite chose comme les barette..bandeaux boucle d'orreile etc..comment est que sa livre?? je dois partir a la poste?
car a la poste on ma dit d'alliexpress je receverai chez moi 🤔😕
mais sa fais deja 1 mois e je nai pas toujour reçu.dois-je partir a la poste et dire quoii?

Bonjour Loanne!
Tu dois compter jusqu'a 45 jours des fois.
A moins c'est enregistré, la poste (centrale) ne pourra te renseigner.
AlieExpress recommande d'attendre 60 jours pour déclarer dispute.
Dans ton cas, je te conseillerais d'attendre... tes produits viendront !!!

vous recevrez directement chez vous entre30-35 jours

Hello everyone > as it is mentioned here, you should please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand. ;) Thank you

GET IT ! no worry you will received it at home within 30 -35 days


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