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I'm a US citizen, although I've never resided within the US. I was born and raised in the middle east, more specifically in Israel.

My husband and I (he is not American, but has a 10 year tourist visa) are considering to move to the US within the next year or so. We are aware he would need to get a spousal visa instead.

We're a bit at a loss as to how we should plan the ideal move. Do we search for jobs from our current country of residence, or wait to reach our destination before going on a job hunt.

Other concerns are how we should look for a place to live and how to get ourselves acquainted with the US Healthcare system. Medical insurance for example.

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

Happy new year 🙂

Next year is very optimistic for a target date.

Have you filed your US tax returns? Do you have enough financial back up for your husband to self sponsor his Affidavit of Support? goes into details from soup to,nuts from forms to fees and time lines. Please read up and then ask specific questions.

Best of luck!

I moved to the United States from Israel twice, though I am not an American citizen and I went to the USA for education. In my case, I applied to and was accepted by the schools before leaving Israel.  With a student visa, I am not allowed to work, but I have known many expats who do. Each one located the job before moving.

Once you are gainfully employed, finding somewhere to live is easy. Your employment will narrow the options considerably.

The health system is in shambles. It will be a shock to you, but it is unavoidable if you are to live there.

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