Information regarding formalities before leaving to Denmark.


My name is Byron.
My wife and I are moving to Denmark very soon.
I have one question.

My visa shows that it is valid for 6 months. Which I have been assured is normal and that i would need to visit the Kommune on arrival to get my residency card and CPR number and then apply for the yellow health card takes about 1-4 weeks.

Do we require travel insurance for this period or longer? (1month while we wait for the yellow health card or 6 months)and how much should we be covered for if this is the case.

Best Regards

Hi Byron,

The normal processing time for the yellow health card will be maximum two weeks, but as soon as you have registered an address, you'll be entitled to the health service.

I am pretty sure that a travel insurance won't cover anyway as you are in DK to work, not to holiday.

I would find it a little risk to run just to wait for the yellow health card to arrive, but you can ask Gouda what it will cost you to take out a short term insurance there. … forsikring

Many employers take out a health insurance for their employees, maybe you'll be covered by such one.


Hi Nellie

Thank you for the reply, I will investigate with Gouda, and also ask my employer if there is any cover from there side, and take it from there.

Best Regards

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