Can foreigners who are living in Denmark get divorced in Denmark ?


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Currently, me and my significant other are temporarily living in Denmark and we both are Nepalese citizens who were married in Nepal. Right now we both wish to go our separate ways and I was hoping to know if we can get a divorce in Denmark or not ? And what processes are there that we need to go through in order to make this happen in Denmark ?

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You can be separated as well as divorced in Denmark. This is done online. The costs are 650 kroner. Not all countries recognize a Danish divorce, why it may be a good idea to start contacting your embassy first. … nd-divorce

Do notice that it may influence on your spouse's right to remain in Denmark. … ly/Divorce

It's possible to ask for further information here: … 0612e35c8c


Thank you Nellie for your thorough reply.

I really appreciate it. I just want to make sure that we don’t have to go outside of Denmark to get divorced when we both do not hold Danish Citizenship and we can sort the processes of divorce while remaining inside Denmark ?

Thank you so much for your helpful information.

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