Getting married in Denmark

Updated 2019-12-19 12:03

Isn't love beautiful? Denmark is a country with plenty of romantic cobblestone streets, waterside restaurants, and beautiful parks for a loved up picnic. Anybody who meets the criteria set by the Danish authorities can get married in Denmark.

Danish law on marriage

Here are the requirements that must be met by both people in order to get married in Denmark:

  • Must be Danish or Nordic citizens


Have a permanent residence permit in Denmark


Have a right of permanent residence in Denmark as stated in the Executive Order on EU Residence

  • Must be over 18 years of age

  • Must be unmarried


Proforma marriages, otherwise known as marriages of convenience in order to obtain residency rights, are not allowed. Couples will, therefore, need to provide sufficient evidence on demand about their personal relationship and history.


If you and your partner meet the above requirements, you can start preparing your application. Here are the documents that must be provided in the original language and officially translated to English or German where applicable:

  • Passport and photos of all pages or ID card and photos of both sides (only applicable to EU citizens)
  • Documentation of your right to legal residence in Denmark
  • Certificate of marital status if not residing in Denmark
  • Birth certificate(s) of your child/children
  • Previously married applicants will need to provide documentation that the marriage has been dissolved (e.g. divorce decree, death certificate, marriage annulment)

Danish authorities may request legalisation or an apostille stamp on any of the above documents.

Marriage to a Danish citizen/permanent resident in Denmark

If one person in the couple is a Danish citizen or has permanent residency and the other is without the right of legal residency in Denmark (for example, they have a tourist visa), both parties will need to sign the 11b declaration.

Application for marriage in Denmark

Applications must be sent to the Agency of Family Law. The application fee is DKK 1650 (2019), and the certificate of marital status (prøvelsesattest) will be issued if the application is successful.

Applicants must get married within four months from the date of the certificate’s issuance; otherwise, the certificate is deemed invalid, and couples will need to re-apply and pay the application fee again.

Foreign couples without residency in Denmark

Couples who hope to have a wedding in Denmark but who do not reside in the country are also able to get married in the country. However, additional documentation such as proof of residence in another country and proof of a valid passport and Schengen visa will be required.

Since the application process is a bit complicated, couples may benefit from using a company that provides assistance for getting married in Denmark. Companies like Getting Married in Denmark help couples choose the best location for their timeframe and preferences, and assist in preparing the correct documents for your big day.

The Danish Agency of Family Law

Do you have questions that have not been covered in this article? The Danish Marriage Law and Aliens Act has been changed effective 1 January 2019. Contact the Danish Agency of Family Law directly for the most recent and accurate information.

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