Getting married in Denmark

Hi all,

We invite all the ones who got married in Denmark or who are about to get married in Denmark to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Denmark? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Denmark)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

Thank you in advance for participating,


well, if you just want to get married in denmark then it's not so much of a problem as waiting. you guys just have to go to borgerservice and ask for a date to get married in city hall. they choose the time, i don't know if you can change it. then you just show up and get hitched. (:

BUT if you want to get married TO LIVE IN DENMARK (aka family reunification) and you are from a non-EU country, then it is a slightly bumpier ride. you have to give 100,000 dkk (or borrow it from the bank) for the government to hold on to for 7 years. the dane you are marrying can't have accepted any help from the state for 3 years before you get married. you have to take an immigrant exam which you also have to pay for, along with the study materials. you also have to earn 60 points if you are over 24 or 120 points if you are under 24. … 120-point/

HOWEVER!! the rules are supposedly going to change (hopefully for the better) on may 15 this year. cross your fingers, people.

Thanks for your contribution minakim!;)


So, what's the new requirements to get married to a Dane in Denmark in 2012?

Getting married in Denmark was for me a wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.
I did my engagement In My home country which  we normally called traditional wedding,and then I travelled here and I formalize if  in a Danish white wedding .
It was so good experienced how the  kommune welcomed us with gifts and so on it was amazing :) but before we were able to do it ,there was some specific requirement to show before  the kommune was able to formalize it for was a document from the authorities in my home country stating that I am single which took a very long time for them to do it but the moment I got it,I want to the kommune and they gave us a date.
It was so simple no implication or whatsoever  but you have to prove to them that it isn't marriage of convenient to get a stay or resident permit.
I hope my experienced will help anyone who wants to get a wife from abroad or Africa.

I'm a non EU member but yet still I didn't pay a money was deposited.when I applied for family reunion not did it take me 3 months I got  my respond very fast in less than  2 months  CPR ,yellow card as well as my NEM ID .
You only pay such money when you co-habitation partners .Before it was like that but now I think since last year is no more like that.
So all depend on your paper works,mine was done so perfect, I read every instruction well  did everything in English to my husband and he also used that information to filled in Danish .
I was given 3months visa  stay before coming from my home country which are  the rules  buy I got married the last minute of the last month yet still ,my resident permit was granted but hey every resident permit is given  if you able to stay without depending on the social system thorn you are likely to apply for permanent stay.
My advice do your paper work well and you will never encounter any issue with the immigration.

Hi Dido7
Thanks for sharing your story. My Danish boyfriend and i are planning to get married soon in Denmark. Please i would need your assistance when applying for family reunification. Hope you wouldn't mind. Thanks.

No problem you are welcome whenever you feel like ....

Thank you.

Hello All,

I recently got married on the 14th of December 2013 to my Danish husband. I too arrived with a 3 month visa from Canada.  Since we decided to marry in church we had to go to the local community church and apply for our license with the correct papers, being passport, birth certificate. Please remember that the non-Danish person also needs to provide a letter from their home country government that they are not currently married! This letter must be dated less than 4 months from the date of applying.  We got the license within 3 weeks.

We applied for the family reunification shortly after that and there is quite a bit of forms to be filled out, but if it is done carefully, (and it is checked over by the individual accepting it at the ministry who will point out any discrepancies) it shouldn't be a problem. The money posted by the Danish person in the couple still applies and also he/she shouldn't have received government assistance for the past 3 years nor should have a criminal conviction for spousal abuse.

They stamp your passport that your application has been received and you are allowed to remain in Denmark till it is processed. If you wish to leave the country during this time you need to go back there and get a re-entry permit stamped on your passport or you may be denied re-entry back into Denmark.

I am waiting with fingers crossed that all goes well :).

Hope this helps,

@ Eva: Thank you for the sharing of information and congratulation :)

Hi all,

My experience was very good. I'm a peruvian and my husband is Danish. We got married May last year and it was simple and lovely. I brought from my country the documents that the State was requesting and the same day we approached the municipality, we got a date. I remember we went on a Tuesday and we got married a Saturday.
They gave a choice between have the ceremony at the beautiful City Hall or the Botanical Garden.
No payments were made and everybody who had to do with our "case" was very warm and kind to us.
Truly a lovely memory :-)
I hope you get to experience something similar!

Hi Dido7

Could you please advice me on the right visa application form to use. My boyfriend and i are getting married in March this year in Denmark. Is Invitation Form For Visa  Application the right one to use?

Hey Eva,

How did your application go? :)
Im singaporean also looking to move to dk soon.

Hi there!

My application was processed within the 3 months and I got my temporary residency in March. The process was quite smooth :).

Feel free to write to me if you have any questions.

Best regards and good luck!


Hey Eva,

Thanks for your reply! ^^

We have the requirements for everything except his income part which i am not sure is able to "sustain" both of us. he earns about 17000/mnth after tax? do u have any idea if that will b a problem? btw, what are you doing in cph now? working, studying? :) just came back from cph a month ago. :"""") super sad to leave.


I don't think the income is a problem as there is no real income requirement.  They only require that the sponsoring spouse should not have been on social assistance for at least past 3 years and both will not be eligible for assistance for a further 5 years.  There is also a deposit that should be put down. 50,000 kr. I believe it was.

If you fulfill all other requirements, they don't look into income. At least, they didn't for us.  Right now I am still looking for work as it isn't easy without knowing Danish. I am also attending Danish classes. I do miss Canada though. I would say on a balance I prefer Canada :).

Hallo to All,
                  i am from pakistan and now i am living in germany,when i came in germany i had no visa and then i applied for asylum here,Now i am fall in love with a very fine lady and want to get marry her in demark.
could you plz tell me can i get marry in denmark?if yes how,,,...and if NO then why?
    i will be wait for your answer,


hi ar you? please,i want to get some informations about the procedures to do after marriage,me and my danish wife,are married in my native country,and im not from EU,we have the certificate juste 1 week ago,so,please,there's anyone can to advice me what we do now? im waiting for your respons !! tahnk you very much

hi am a kenyan 25 and my danish fiance is 24 and we are getting married on the 20th this year, so with the danish strict rules we are planning to do it the EU way moving to sweden and applying  from there , do you happen to know how to go about it ? or any help? we already have a room ready there

why do you want to go in sweden? it's easy to get married in Danemark,im married here,im from Algeria,and i have my residence card now 4 month ago,it's very easy if you respons all the rules of mariage.

hehe good luck in denmark , its not as easy as you think.... you will get you resident card but permanent and getting Danish citizenship you won't telling you from experience and i have been in denmark for the last 5 years and thats why many people are moving to sweden ... and btw after 5 years here in sweden i'll have my swedish citizenship unlike denmark it takes 10 years

Hey good for you then it seems its easier to get married there than any other place do you know any danish girl who wants to get married to a foreigner thanks

proffersorh :

Hey good for you then it seems its easier to get married there than any other place do you know any danish girl who wants to get married to a foreigner thanks

hi i dont go around hooking up people ... am not a pimp lol........... its not all about having a white woman or a man the case is for you it seems you are interested in color rather than love not about that please..... or maybe some dating websites might help you out....

you got me wrong clearly you are not a pimp but hey have a nice day

proffersorh :

you got me wrong clearly you are not a pimp but hey have a nice day

but telling me to look for a danish girl who wants to marry a foreigner is way out of context lol....... it dosen't work out that way bro , it dosen't , if you were meant to get one you were meant too, and having a 'white' woman or man dosen't mean happiness , you can be with a kenyan an indian or any other nationality and it could be even better..... no one chooses to be with someone the heart chooses

He is prepared to marry any Danish girl, which is a bit odd, but then I realized he wants to move to Denmark, so it makes sense.

ok no problem thanks for your time

hi Eva, or everyone who has any idea about our case,

im neggie from philippines. Im here in denmark as aupair and got a danish boyfriend for a year now. we are planning to get married before my visa ends on July 2016 but the thing is he received assistance from the state ending last october 2013 and that will be no 3 years from not receiving from government on july 2016.  It will be 3 years on october 2016.
do you have any idea if we can still get married before my contract ends? will the kommune consider it?
please we really need some advice.
thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Neggie,

The kommune will allow you and your bf to marry in Denmark while your Au pair visa is still valid, regardless of your bf having had received cash assistance in the past 3 years. It will only become an issue when you submit your application for family reunification at the immigration service---one of the requirements for an application for residence permit is that your sponsor (your husband) has not received any assistance from the state during the past 3 years.

To save you from possible rejection of your application for family reunification, you should submit your application AFTER October 2016. It means that if you won't be able to get any other kind of visa to legally stay in Denmark, you will have to leave Denmark. One option for you is to leave DK before your Au pair visa expires and apply for a tourist visa back home (in the Philippines) and return to DK maybe on November or December, marry your bf, then submit your application. You will be granted a procedural stay while waiting for the result (once your tourist visa expires before the decision on your application is reached). Or you could marry your bf before you leave DK and then apply for family reunification at the Danish Embassy in Manila.

why go through all that process in denmark while its hard getting papers there ....???? , before your visa expires just move to sweden 1 month prior to the visa expiration date .........the same day you guys get here go to migrationsverket apply for family reunification both under EU and national rules and you are allowed to stay and wait for the permits ..... very friendly in sweden ... once you've lived in sweden for 2 years then you get a permanent resident permit , and after 5 years you have your swedish passport and off you move to denmark............. you have to see the bigger picture here .... you will waste your time in denmark while those immigration people keep on making the rules tough , you have to pass prøve dansk 3 and that's just for a resident permit , now tell me how it will go with permanent and passport........ ......YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK TO PHILIPPINES ,JUST MOVE TO SWEDEN THEN ALL IS WELL........

Hi ,
Thank you so much for all who answered me.. It really helps a lot to us.
We will think which one is better for us.
Once again thanks all of you  and have a nice evening.

Hey guys,

So me and my boyfriend are both under 24 and would like to get married and live together in DK. I will get a one month visa to Dk from Kenya and am thinking my visa won't be extended while am there. Anyone with ideas on how to go about this?

niaje message me your fb names i dont chat that much here

I am coming on tourist visa , can I get mariage in denmark .please tell me what documents they need for it . Will I get residency visa after mariage?.8

you can get married if your wife to be arranges a date with the kommune where she lives in will need certificate of no impediment ,(Notary public affidavit stating you are not married,you will get the affidavit from a lawyer) .... not all the documents should be certified by the ministry of foreign affairs and danish embassy there .... good luck... and applying for a resident permit i would rather do it in sweden than denmark.....

Dear thanks for reply .my wife is from bulgaria can we get married in denmark.and why  we should go sweden .

sasa..... I will be getting  married  to a danish man in August. could you let me know on the whole process of it all from a Kenyans perspective. like what I need to do in kenya in terms of documents... ofcourse thats if you have any info.....  and  whats the process about sweden....

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