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hello everyone,
I am dr.Qurratulain from pakistan,i av applied for danish authorisation as a dentist.
anyone else has applied for the same? i want to ask a few questions.
i ill be happy to hear from you :)

thank you

Go ahead and ask your questions here please.  If someone can answer, they will :)

Romaniac Experts Team

hello dear
i am pharmacist, i have one colleague in driving school and his wife is dentist from pakistan, he told me last time his wife is doing registration procedure to work as dentist in denmark, are you living in denmark?
i dont have his contact nr. but i will get next time when i go for class.
its my facebook id khalil ahmad just give me a reminder


This is Saad, my wife, we both are also from Pakistan and my wife is also a dentist and she has applied for the authorization of her degree and credentials.
She applied around 3 months ago but still waiting for any kind of answer.
We both live in Denmark

Khalil Ahmed- It would be nice if you can share  her contact  as my wife also have some questions.


Hi Saad

Instead of waiting for Khalil to answer, why not put your questions to the authorities themselves as they are the only ones who can give you an answer based on precisely your wife's papers and qualifications.

I take that the authorities have sent you an acknowledgement of some kind. Use the contact addresses stated in the acknowledgement message such as phone number or e-mail address and reference number and then go ahead.

This link contains the contact adress: … k-uddannet

It is quite ok to ask the authorities so don't hesitate to do so.


Well Nelie

The authorities have not sent Any Phone number and every time we Write to them it says your case is under process and would take 3- 18 months.

Now Tell me what should we do in such a situation, where you have to wait around 1.5 years to get an answer?

It sounds horrible as you cannot plan your future, but I guess that it is because nobody can say how long time it will get to have the information from your own country, or if the received information will be enough.

Can it be an automatic answer?


The Danish Patient Safety Authority has today informed me that the waiting time before the assessment can start is 20 months from the day you hand in your papers. The waiting time can vary, go up and down, so it is today's waiting time.

The assessment itself will take a month or two if they have all required papers.

This was the waiting time for papers from Pakistan. I shall not say if the waiting time will be different if you have taken your exam in another country, but it may be as the DPSA is split up into more offices, and each office has specialized in specific countries.


Drs wife here
We r from Pakistan too
When did u applied for it

hello sir thank you for the response, no i m not living in denmark right now, but i have applied for authorisation

i got the same kind of reply that my procedure for assesment will take around 18 months. i applied in nov 2015 so its like almost an year already. I hope all the waiting wont go in vain and i will get a positive reply

The latest information from the authorities states that the waiting time is now 15 months, and they hope to have it reduced further. … uddannelse

(dr. quarratulain 12: You mean you have applied in November 2016, don't you? Else something is quite wrong and you should contact the authority).


Its November 2015. I applied in.
Its been 10 months since i av applied. I contacted the authority last week and they told me the that the processing time ill be 18 months since i av submitted my application.  Means already  10 months have passed . Hopefull by may i ill get my reply

Hi Qurratulain

Please post on This forum once you recieve the answer , i Will do the same so rest Can get an Idea How much time it actually took you.

Secondly as you informed earlier that you Are not in Denmark , but do you have residence permit or would you apply after authoritization.


I will apply for pr after i get the assessment approval letter frm Danish Health n safety authority

Sorry, I was talking nonsens. Of course, you couldn't have applied in November 2016.

There's a little confusion about the waiting time as it seems it depends on who you get the information from.

About two weeks ago, I called the authority to be updated with information about the waiting time in general and in particular. At that time, I talked with a woman with a very dismissive attitude, and she told me that the waiting time wasn't 18 months as I believed  it to be, but it was now 20 months. Because of her attitude, I felt that she might make things worse than they actually were. I therefore mailed the authority. I received a very kind letter from another person who told me that the waiting time was on its way downwards, and that it now was 15 months as it also was stated on their website. She also mentioned as an example that a person who had applied in May 2016, could expect his/her answer in August 2017.

And last week you was told that the waiting time was 18 months. The same week when I was told a different story. Incredible that the answers are so inconsistent! I guess that the answer to you was a kind of automatic answer, and that they don't take their time to change the waiting time. Maybe, they also don't wish to set the applicants' expectations too high as this could mean that they will receive a lot of inquiries if they are delayed.

I consider the information of a current waiting time of 15 months to be the right one because this case worker was very helpful and informative, and because you find the same information on their website.

I hope we'll have good news from you by February 2017.


Dear nellie thats so thoughtful of you :)
i checked the date of my email again. It was precisely on 13th September 2016
so i guess the same. The news of 15 months os quite right

hello, so far 15 months have passed since i have applied for my authorisation. still no response. please advise me what to do next

dr. quarratulain12 - you should have received your authorisation by now. Right?



I applied for my authorisation last may, 2016 May and they still say it will take time - a time limit cannot be given - and i should just wait.

I have been waiting since almost 10 months. I have passed my PD3 exam with the highest possible scores and yet i can neither find a job nor study further as my papers need to be " Godkendt ".

IS there ANY dentist from INDIA or PAKISTAN already working here and would be kind enough to guide a bit about this tormenting procedure ?

The waiting time for the time being is still 15 months so unfortunately, you have to wait a little longer. 
:( … ifications


hey kalash did your wife recieve any reply? from DOSA


No not as of now, still waiting , did you hear anything from them.
I dont know but they are taking a heck lot of time.


yes they ask me twice for additional documents. now i am wiating for final reply. as expected in this month InshaAllah.
I am sure restless  by now

Hi everyone,
Is there any opportunity for overseas nurses in Denmark? Anyone reply please.
Thanks in advance

Hello Dr.

May I know some information from you
What are the documents that we should send via post to Danish Patient Safety Authority
As I understood these are the things,
Are they correct,

I have sent my Final MBBS degree, transcript and License to practice via EPIC

1.Printed version of online application
2.Certified copy of passport
3.Curriculum Vitae with education and working experiences
4.Certified copies of MBBS degree, transcript and License to practice Certificate

Thank you

Hi i am also waiting from danish patient safety authority. Has anyone moved to denmark? if yes please do share contact detail.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Doctor,

Have you got your PR and moved in to Denmark?
If yes, could you advice me on the process as my wife also a Doctor and we are exploring the possibility to move there. She has got her EPIC verification done already.

Dear Dr.qurratolain12,
         Did you receive what you expected?

Any Dentist working in Denmark plz

Hello dr i am also dentist from pakistan and planning to move to denmark i have applied for this wat about u?

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