Mobile plan if living in NL but frequent travel back to US

Hello! We have verizon here in the US, with Samsung Galaxy s10 phones. Unlimited data. If we were to move to the NL for years to work, with the work entailing frequent travel back to the states, what would you recommend we do about our cell phones? We would LIKE to not have to have different phones for the NL, just use these. Should we get a NL plan that will allow us to use them in the States? We will use lots of data and texting in both countries.


Get phone that take dual sim cards?

There are phones that take more than one sim card?

Let's assume that we want to keep these current phones which are not dual sim phones.

One solution I know is to pay the $10 per day to verizon for data talk and text while in another country. You only pay for days when you use the phone. But of course we use our phones daily.  So that is like 300 a month per phone to use that.

I just looked up "dual sim phones" and we COULD just get unlocked amazon dual sim phones on amazon (they don't sell them here in the usa). But how does this work with the phone plan? Like how do we use the phones when we are here and how do we use them in the NL...what phone plans would we get? I am not all that familiar with "unlocked" phones.

Yeah, you can get dual sim phones, I had one when I worked for a US multi. Is your current phone locked to its current supplier; if so it may be worthwhile looking for a dual sim in the US.

If it's unlocked then just get a Dutch SIM and swap it as and when; to get discounted data and calls, you'll really need a business account which you can't do till you get to NL.

Just about to get on a boat and will lose my connection,  I just checked YouTube, there are vids on there that explain how it works.

Hope this helps

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Thank you Cynic! I was just reading about locking and unlocking. It seems all 4g LTE phones from Verizon are unlocked already. Since my phone has an IMEI category I guess it's a GSM phone. So we would swap in the dutch sim for use while we are in the NL (with the dutch phone number) but then when we travel back to us we put in the US sim? But how do we use the phone with our phone numbers when we come back to visit the states unless we continue to pay the verizon cell phone plan? Or do we treat the visits to US as "international travel" and just do whatever the dutch plans allow?

StephHolm wrote:

There are phones that take more than one sim card?

Perhaps slightly off topic but useful to know.
Are 2 sim phones unavailable in the US, or is it just you have little interest so didn't know?

However, if they are available, the phone would have to be unlocked so open to any network.

They are not so common here. I don't know a lot about them. I have also never unlocked a phone but apparently you can do that maybe after the phone is paid off?

I suppose for the next while while we are living in the USA but travel to the NL a week per month or so, we should just plan to use the verizon TravelPass feature for 10 per day that you use the phone.

Hi again.

Unlocking is a system process from the network; once you have paid for the phone and met any contractual obligations, you just ask your supplier to unlock your phone, they send a code straight to the device that unlocks it so it will accept other networks SIM card.  Most suppliers in Europe do this for no charge.

Hopoe this helps.

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One of the cheapest choices in the Netherlands is Robin Mobile. They are a good choice if you want to something cheap and reliable.