Making phone calls in the Netherlands


When settling in the Netherlands, one of the priorities is to be able to make phone calls.

How to proceed to get a landline installed in the Netherlands?

What are the mobile operators?

What is your average monthly budget?

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My experience is that communications in Holland are good; most houses are connected to a cable communications system that delivers TV, Internet and telephone services (you don't see many houses in Holland with TV antennas on the roof).  Although you'll see lots of complaints about quality of service, it's really no different to anywhere else I've been to in Europe.  For those with a suitable mobile-phone or computer, you can use services like Skype, or Face Time to contact friends and family using video calling; Face Time is free between Apple phones/computer users; I use it frequently to speak to my daughter.

Although it does seem to be getting a bit cluttered at the moment, mobile phone services are widely available.  Types of service available are mainly contract, or pay as you go.  Some companies offer a pay-as-you-go SIM that expires after 1 month of non-usage (mainly aimed at tourists who don't want to pay roaming charges).  One of the benefits of Holland being flat, is that there are not many black-spots where there is no signal.

Satellite TV is popular with expats who still hunger after home TV; another alternative is to access home country TV services via the Internet (that's what my daughter does); you can subscribe to a VPN connection service that fools the host service.

As with everything in the Netherlands you need to have a BSN and a Dutch bank account before you can have a mobile phone contract or a landline. As Cynic has said most companies like KPN offer a 3 in one product which includes landline. Internet and TV. It can take up to weeks to install the Internet/TV/Landline. The cost again depends on the package you choose. An average cost is about EUR 50 a month.

Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele 2 and Telfort seem to be the main mobile phone providers who also offer the 3 in 1 product. Prices vary and competition between the providers is fierce so you can get a good deal. You pay for what you get with a basic package costing approx EUR 25. KPN offer a reduced SIM with their 3 in 1 package with the basic cost being EUR 12,50.

Most people who arrive in the Netherlands through Schipol airport are attracted by the Lycamobile offer. However, from my experience, this is OK for a short-term solution. It can be very expensive in the long-term. You can get a better Sim only package from the main mobile phone providers. It pays to shop around for the best deal.

Skype and avoid all payments on line line phones.


kennethgford wrote:

Skype and avoid all payments on line line phones.


Just only use mobile phone connection. The Dutch are mostly doing the same. I haven't had a landline for years and don't miss it at all. You don't have to worry that you won't look professional enough without a landline.

I don't know if you have a Dutch bankaccount already? Than you can go for instance for and take a Sim-Only abonnement. No creditcheck and you pay 1 month in advance every month. They are cheap and you can never overspend unintentionally. If you don't have a NL-bankaccount yet, maybe a friend with a NL-bankaccount can temporarily help you out until you are settled in NL.

For more than 14 years i use Lycamobile with great pleasure and no problems!  :top:
XS-Bundle cost me € 10,-/month and i make almost unlimmited phonecalls (abt. 8-10 hours) & sms (& 3072MB i never use because i have Wi-Fi at home)

Lyca mobile: 
- KPN Network,   
- Best tested 4G,
- Free voicemail, 
- Free Lyca to Lyca calls,
- Free (and friendly) customer service,
- Low price smart (inter)national (data)-Bundles, 
- No hidden 'call-above-limit' payments; géén belplafond! *
Lyca mobile doesn't pay for commercials; that is why Lyca not appears in comparing-websites neither on television. (that's also why Lyca  has lowest price).

Bly C.A.!

* other providers (Simpel, Youfone, Robin) you pay tripple-x-times above more over your 'belplafond' AND if you not pay (or pay too late) then these providers directly block your simcard! So you can not call/be called...  :sosad: