Internet Providers Nightmare in Netherland

Long Story Short on December my Internet Service with T-Mobiles was cut off because a Fraud Person Created a new account in my address.   Anyways I was away on Holidays when I came back in January I realized my internet was off I called them and they told me above reason.   I was asked if I was going to be penalized for the remaining of the contract and I was told No because it was not my fault (But At the end they did)  but in order to get my internet back I need to wait 15 Days for them to reinstall.
Looking at my mail I found a KPN Letter with the Modem BOX in a different name. So I contacted KPN and they told me their version of the story. I was told I can sign up with them and don't get cut off of the service because the service was already in my house. So I Did .
In Mid January I received a Bill from T-Mobile for €200 for the remaining of my contract. When I call them again I was told that the only way to received my money back is signing up a new contract with them. When I called KPN I was told I was not able to cancel my new contract otherwise I will be charge for the Remaining of the year even though I only been with them for 2 weeks.
OK so now my Question. There is anything I can do in this situation to get my money Back?
I can't believed how easy was my service was cut off without my authorization and at the end I was penalized for that.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

It looks like you've signed 2 separate contracts with 2 different suppliers and they are quoting the contractual obligation for you to terminate the contract(s).  I'm not sure what you can do, but as there is criminal activity here, have you reported this to the Politie?  Perhaps your insurance will cover you?

Hope this helps.

Expat Team