The best apps for expats in the Netherlands


We invite you to share information regarding some of the apps that have helped to facilitate your move abroad in the Netherlands. This will help expats-to-be who are making the move as well.

Which apps did you use while preparing your move to the Netherlands?

What apps do you use the most for your everyday life in the Netherlands: whether it's for transport, managing finances, general information, learning the language of your host country, leisure activities, etc.?

How does this technology help you in your everyday life as an expat?

Which apps would you recommend to expatriates in the Netherlands and why?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


For newcomers, once got the BSN number highly suggest to create DigiD which integrates appointment (afspraak) with local municipality, car, tax in general, etc. The interface is not the best, but is ok

For public transport user, apps such as NS (train) and RET (trem, train, bus)
For weather, BuienRadar or standard Yahoo or (IOS/Android) weather apps. Please note that outside activities and how to go there is really depending on the weather.

For car user, Flitsmeister. May detect traffic and (speed) standby/mobile camera ahead. Be sure to download the designation path while ones still have wi-fi connection. Otherwise it can be data consuming

This is a DIY country, so ones (usually head of the family) is advisable to check the weekly/monthly usage of their own energy/mobile consumption. Things such Vodafone, other provider and energy (Eneco, etc.) provides this kind of app.

Language, translate Nederlands to other language can be done by Google translate, with some small error. And it is not advisable to do the other way around.

Hello everyone,

For me the useful apps are:

DigiD (minjoverheid) because all the government emails can be seen here once you have got your BSN from the Gemente.

9292 - this is for those who always use the train. It tells you what train goes on what time and on what platform. Very useful for first timers in the NL and also for those who want to go to different places via train, say to sight see.

and the last one may sound silly but it is VERY helpful

Buienalarm - this app, believe it or not, tells you the exact time of the day and how much it will rain. This is very useful specially when you are living in a rainy country like the NL. It will notify you a few minutes before it rains or snows.

I hope this helps! :)

Hi everyone,

best apps for me are
9292 for public transportation
reisplanner for trains information
what's app and viber to talk with your family for free
Pathé for cinema ticket
Google translation (I take pictures of stuffs in dutch and it translates)
ov-chipkaart to check your credit on your train card
klm for everytime I fly with them
Ben to check my mobile phone usage
showroom for nice discounts and private sales* same
oxxio my energy provider

hope it helps!

Great advice! Thank you. 👍🏾

Thanks! :-)

Guys, just arrived to North Netherlands(Heerenveen) from USA to live with my wife.I wonder if there are companies that hire English speakers any leads will be helpful thanks a lot?.