How can I watch more TV channels in Netherlands?

How can I watch more TV channels in Netherlands?

I have a cable TV in my room but it shows only local 30 channels. I wish to see more European channels. Please let me know how can I get.


Hi owais,

Are you using ziggo right now? Or not yet? If not yet, try to use ziggo as your internet and tv provider.


Thanks for your reply. I am not sure which company services my landlord is using either it is ziggo or anyother company. Well I wish to get some more channels.

Hi Are you asking about how to get more English speaking channels?

Hi, there are ways to watch foreign TV via the internet; for example, we are able to connect to and watch the BBC I-player content while we're in Holland; I then stream that to my TV.  I'm not sure of the legality, so I'm not going to post a link here, but Google is your friend in this respect.

Make use of the dish in combination with a cable provider and your English Internetprovider (or proxy server).
This combination will give you full entrance to your wish.


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Use one of the VPN connectors (Google will help you find one); it costs money though (£6 p/month).  The few public one's are virtually useless.  I use it to watch English TV in Holland and Dutch TV from England.  Also handy to view Netflix US content (which is different to what you can see in Europe).

You can contact me (I am a dishinstaller) ******************
English, Italian, Spanish, German etc. you name it.



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