High salary for an expat, family of 5

Hi everyone, considering a move from Denmark to Malaysia.  What would be a good net salary for an expat. Will a net of RM25k adequate including a decent monthly savings?

25K is a decent amount but it depends if you’ve got school going kids with you because the school fee are obnoxiously high in Kuala Lumpur. it even goes north of 10K a month if it’s a decent international school. The cost of living is fairly low the only other major expense you may have would be the rental for your house which shall be in the range of 3 to 5K if you are looking for a three bedroom house in a decent expat locality

I agree, it is a good salary certainly and you can save lots as long as you do not have children that need to attend an international school in which case you would do well to have their education included in your package. By the way, you get get decent accommodation for Rm4k upwards for a family, and let's say RM3K upwards for a nice 2 bedroom apartment.

Thanks both for your thoughts. Of the 25k I will have to pay about 10k for rent and schooling. The balance will be subsidized by employer. So basically 15k after rent and good international schooling. Is this good to live and save about RM4k per month.

I will be working in Putrajaya and we plan to stay in that area. Is this a nice neighborhood and is Nexus International School good?

Yes you can still save some decent money.

The only reason I ever visit Putrajaya is to watch hot air balloon events each year, and also to visit the main immigration office. Personally I would not want to live in Putrajaya, it's mostly just blocks of apartments and not much else. I always thought that most of the inhabitants of Putrajaya are local government employees since Putrajaya is the seat of the government and where so many of their offices are located.

If I had a choice i would be looking to live closer to KL, maybe Bukit Jalil or somewhere else in between, somewhere with the LRT train line to take you to work, perhaps even Bangsar South. just my preference though.

Thanks very much for the advice. Appreciated

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