International secondary schools in Kathmandu

Greetings to everyone. I have just received an offer to work in Kathmandu and I am seriously considering but need to figure out the options I have to send my kids to school.

I know there are international schools there but costs seem to high. Is there any good secondary school in English that has a reasonable cost? I would really appreciate your help. It will affect my decision definitively.



Schools in Nepal. Difficult subject...

In the end I think you'll be more or less stuck to having your kids join one of the official (expensive) international schools.

Reasons for this are multifold, but consider the following:
- Every Nepalese school with an English curriculum (there are plenty of these, I would guess at about 50% of the schools follow an English curriculum) will have the obigatory subjects in Nepalese also. Nepalese language classes are given in Nepalese language, and Health classes are given in Nepalese language. Foreign kids will never be able to quickly pick up enough Nepalese to succesfully follow these classes in Nepalese, and would fail the year because of this.

- Nepalese schools are rather 'forceful' in their way of enforcing discipline. Hard handed, or rude with the ruler, or worse. Every year there are stories in the papers of teachers beating kids close to death. These are the exceptions of course, but still, every year these stories come back again and again. You would not want to subject your kids to such an environment.

- International schools follow an international curriculum. The American International school (Lincoln) follows the Amercian curriculum, the British International school (TBS) follows the British curriculum, and I think (not 100% sure) there is/was a French International school in Kathmandu also.

Thank you for your answer. it is appreciated. The schools you mentioned I am sure are very good but the prices are prohibitive for people on salary unfortunately. Do you know if there are people that homeschool their kids and how does it work? I have never used this system before.

No, sorry, I have no information about home schooling at all.
I think you'd best contact City Counsil of maybe department of Education in your home country. They might have a solution for you ?

Thanks again. It does not work in my country. Was hoping for info of schools in other countries that offer the service, say in UK for example.

I wish I had the answer for you. All I know is that secondary education in Nepal for English language costs an arm and a leg. I still remember that young couple who wanted to send their 6 year old boy to the British School for much the same reasons you cited. They disenchanted when they were told that first year's cost would be $18,000+

Thank you Francoise. Unfortunately this is the case with this school. Sounds incredible... most universities cost less