Nepali Language Lessons

I've been looking to find somewhere that will teach me the Nepali language for some time now. The only words that I've been able to learn have been what I have looked up in my lonely planet phrasebook.

So far, the only places that I've been able to find them are based in Thamel. I live in Pepsicola Townplanning so travelling to Thamel to take language lessons is a bit too far. Does anyone know any other institutions around Kathmandu that offer quality Nepali language lessons at a fair price.

What I think I'd do if I were looking for a Nepali language teacher, is one of two (or both):

a) leave a note on the noticeboard of your nearest Bhatbhatini Supermarket (or any other large nearby supermarket) with your request and tear-off mobile number slips. Someone will call you with either an offer or suggestions

b) go visiting local elementary schools and talk with the teachers. I think it highly likely you will find a teacher willing to teach you some Nepali in their after hours.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I like the Bhat Bhatini idea, but that involves syphoning out who would be suitable and who isn't.

From working in a local school, I know that most of the teachers that I would work with already tutor kids after school.

After thinking about it a bit, I travel to Thamel 3 times a week for dinner. If I managed to get 2 hours of language lessons in beforehand each day, I would pick up Nepali reasonably quickly.

However, if anyone does know any good institutions closer to Pepsicola, I would love to hear of them.

Contact me at : [email protected]. I am sachita and I have been working as a nepali language teacher for seven years.

I have sent you an email

What about online resource? Its pretty limited what you come across. Living there is one thing, but material to assist preparation before you move out is another.

Found some fo these useful bits and pieces, if anyone has any essential resource it would be great to share here.

I've had a quick look online and found those resources that you did. There's nothing that I would be willing to pay for as I'm living in Nepal.

Hi i am udaya neupane .

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Hi E_moodie,

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Language classes in Nepal section as it might help as well :) 

Thank you


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Hello guys,

I have recently moved to Kathmandu and I am looking for a teacher who can teach me Nepali language for some hours in the week. I have been doing some selfstudy for a month now and I am really loving it, I am planning on staying long in this city so would love to improve it.  Any one has any suggestions?

Kind Regards

Hi Siebren,

welcome to the forum  :)

This thread is an old one, you should rather drop an advert in the Nepal classifieds under language classes so that interested members may get in touch.

all the best,

The Intercultural Training and Research Centre is excellent and works with many NGOs including VSO. See more at The Intercultural Training and Research Centre

I think it's a great asset to speak nepali, and really admire anyone who has a go at trying to learn it.
I, myself, am tri-lingual but all 3 languages I master are based on the same vocabulary most of us are totally familiar with, starting in primary school, assuming we have western origins and/or upbringing. While I consider myself to be good at languages, I tried to learn it in Kathmandu but with less than sterling results, I must confess. My teacher was nepali and very good, so no criticism there. I even tried private lessons. But let's face it, nepali is an indo-aryan language which is based on Sanskrit and related to languages of NW India - very far remote from latin.  The alphabet is Devanagari, whose origins go back to the 12th century - so vastly different from the letters and numbers most of us know in the west. Nepali alphabet's is made up of something like 60+ different vowels, diacritics and consonants, a totally different ball game!! So maybe the difficulty has to do with that.
In any event, only a very limited number of my western friends speak fluent nepali, and I am not sure any of them can write it using sanskrit script. As I said, I tried it but finally had to give up after a year, and it's not for lack of trying. Could also be, in my case, that the problem is age-related - you can't teach old dogs new tricks, so they say! Oh yes, I can of course manage to say mero nam......, mitho-sa, derai ramro, dhayabhavad, and a few other words, but that's about the extent of it. Maybe in my next life, and starting at younger age, I will manage better!
Thank God, there's english.....for day to day communication, and that an increasing number of nepalis speak it!

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