Nepali Student Looking for Female English Tutor in Boudhanath Area

Hello, I lived in the Khumbu for a year in 1981, stayed in touch with my Sherpa host family, and my family in Colorado now supports two of the granddaughters in private school there. The oldest is 19 years old (Pasang), and she will start nursing school in Kathmandu this fall, then transfer to a nursing program in Colorado after she finishes her prerequisites in Nepal. Her English is OK, and she is an incredibly hard worker and very smart, but she needs help in order to get a good rating on her IELTS or TOEFL exam, and to be more comfortable in conversations, etc. I'm hoping to find her a fluent English speaking tutor to converse with her a few hours a week, TBD. Could be more intensive this summer if she has the time after taking her nursing exam and waiting for university classes to start in the fall. I'm open to suggestions on costs or hourly rates.

Pasang lives in Boudha, so was hoping I could find an expat (or English-speaking Nepali) who lives in that area. The "tutoring" could probably include some phone calls with her, etc., some outings together, occasional meals, etc. She's really an amazing girl and I'm just trying to connect her with the right person to boost her English skills. She just finished an IELTS exam course.

Might anyone have any ideas and/or connections for Pasang? (or other places to post this request)

Much appreciated!

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I invite you to post an ad in the Nepal classifieds : language classes section.

It might help you.


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@isenjunk Any luck? I am also looking for a personal tutor to teach my mum basic English.

@isenjunk do you still need help?

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Looking for a tutor? This way, please.

I invite you to post an advert in the Nepal classifieds section. 1f60a.svg

There is a category for language classes.

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