Schools that qualify for a student visa?

I would like to obtain a Student Visa and take language instruction.

Does anyone know of any schools I can contact that qualify for a Student Visa?  Would prefer to concentrate on Nepalese but am open to other language instruction.

Thanks, John / Los Angeles, USA

Hi John :)

I hope other members will be able to recommend you some schools soon.

Good luck

i can help u out on ths i u need any help u can ask about it

good job

If you want a student visa you will need to use the Kathmandu University approved school, Bisa Basa Campus. They can put in all the paperwork for you and it makes it a lot easier. There are many schools you can attend but this is the easiest.

If you drop out or fail it can be difficult to get another tourist visa and I've heard that some have been denied when they go from one student visa to another.

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There are quite a few schools or colleges that can offer you Nepali tuition and through which you can get a student visa, however, be careful that you must be serious about the course.

Repeated lack of attendance is enough alone for them to revoke the visa, which could result in you being deported and therefore finding it difficult to get visas for any country afterwards.

I need to ask a question. I was under the impression that although many schools qualify for student visa most do not handle the paperwork, which makes it difficult. You would need to register with a school like Bisa Basa Campus, which does the paperwork. But has that changed?

I appreciated Rjmckay's comment about getting deported. I've learned recently that it happens more often than a person might think. Trying to stay here on the wrong visa is a potential disaster. But do not go to the immigration office and let one of those guys that stand around there help you. They are freelancers and the commission is not disclosed.

A friend found a guy to help with things like this who is actually good. He charges to help, but he will tell you how much his share is and how the process works. Anyone can email me for his contact info. He helped a friend of mine and they love him. He's a successful business man, not a guy standing around at immigration.

Bisa Basa is a good school and they will help you with the visa without the need of a Lawyer or a tout from the visa office (you will need to maintain a minimum of 70% attendance there).  There are also people around Kathmandu that can help organize visas for a fee, for example getting you a business visa even if you do not have a business, these can generally be trusted, but if you do anything stupid like get arrested, or upset some powerful resident you are also open to deportation.