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This was just announced and is exciting news: … ued-river/

We are getting the river and ocean cleaned up!!!

The jury is out for me on the The Ocean Cleanup organization.

Remember the fanfare about they would be removing huge amounts of plastic from the oceans and the result is much more moderate.

They plan is to use the same concept on the Ozama to remove plastic and there is plenty along with other trash in that river.

But perhaps they forgot about the lilies?

It is going to be darn difficult getting at those plastics with all the lilies in the way.

So lilies first seems the logical route to me.

I am thinking that this has been taken into consideration!  It's not the first time this.machine has been put into use.  Let's see what happens.

planner :

This was just announced and is exciting news: … ued-river/

We are getting the river and ocean cleaned up!!!

Yes, but govement must work in teaching people that must important is keep it clean and not to clean, here in San Pedro de Macoris people do not know how to keep it clean, every body throw garbages to the streets and seams that not body cares, Im not from this town and I feel very shame for that, this is the dertiest city in all east region.  We have to work very hard on it.

You are absolutely right.   In my opinion,  change comes with teaching the children.  Adults are more set in their ways,  children are wanting to learn to do better!

Teach the kids in our schools that this is not okay. Organize clean up campaigns and include the kids!  They will make the changes!

The Ocean Clean Up plan hasn't been the success that it was heavily sold to the media to be. The effort to collect and clean garbage (the size of France was mentioned) from the ocean near Hawaii where due to currents a large amount accumulates. they have had lots of problems and had to redesign and only started collecting a small amount in early October.

They have now very recently shifted the plan to try and stop the garbage entering the oceans from 1000 rivers supposedly.  The Ozama is one such river. We need to see of their ideas work.

They are being funded by environmentalists and crowd finding and the original idea was to collect sufficient plastics to pay for the clean up.

wikipedia gives a picture of their operations to date and mentions that only now in October have they advertised plans to prevent garbage in rivers:

Will it work? They may have better success than collecting mid-ocean because of logistics and it will be interesting to see the results in several months time.

More reading inlcuding about the 'interceptor' headed to the Ozama: … first-time … rs-2019-10

Seems to makes sense and it should be easier to get it before it hits the open ocean. Time will tell.

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