Criminal record check for work visa public intoxication

I've been offered a job in Hong Kong and have been told I must get a criminal record check to get my visa. I've read many things that have said it must be CLEAN. I've read other things that say it just must not be anything serious and you should pose no security threat. My issue is I have two arrests for public intoxication, one in 2013 and one in 2016. No other legal trouble whatsoever. Considering this is literally the most minor thing you can be arrested for, is there a chance that Hong Kong authorities will deny me my visa because of this? Now there's a chance it won't even show up on my background check but if I have to explain this to some Hong Kong authority, I want to know what to say to maximize my chances of being granted the visa. Any other advice of how to deal with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

I think the type of arrests are self-explanatory so not sure the authorities would listen to any explanations or excuses that you might give them. Hopefully these are not considered serious offences and they will let you work in Hong Komg. By the way, Lan Kwai Fong has lots of nice drinking places.