Visa services in Hong Kong

I would like to get an L-visa to China for my second passport. I was wondering if there was a visa service in Hong Kong that could do it for me? As I am not in Hong Kong.

you do it in HK or the boarder of Shenzhen which can cross to HK.

what kinda of nationality are you? how many entries do you want? I might help


same question from me, i have plan go to HK this weekend, i am holding indonesian passport, do i need VISA from jakarta to Hongkong?

please advice

HaileyinHongKong wrote:

Sure, get it done at Sunrise. They're in Wanchai.

Everyone uses them.

I've done a blog post on this topic here,
It explains how to get your visa done and the location of the agency mentioned.

Not everyone.  I always get visas to China from the official government office.  It's fast, legal, easy and 100% authentic.