Visa headache!

Hi all,

Really happy to have found this forum - there seems to be so much information buzzing around!

I wonder if anybody could help to break down some of the very convuluted visa requirements for my poor brain for me?

Me and my husband are looking to move to Hong Kong to work. We are both from the UK; he is a senior IT project manager with over 10 years experience, and I am an EFL teacher to foreign students. I have been trying to do some of my own research, but I'm still quite confused as to what process to go through. I understand that the Hong Kong government operates a 'Quality Migrant Admission' scheme, where we can apply without formerly having work on arrival. We do meet the points for this scheme (just!), but I thought that we would have more of a chance if we get work before hand (from England).

Is it possible to get work before hand in your country of residence, and then apply for a visa? What are the restrictions on this? Or, must you get the visa before the work? Also, I can see that if you go down the getting work route, they will need the place of employment to apply for one too. Will we need to send all of the applications together, or can we just send our application and then find work?

Sorry for all the questions - it's all quite confusing!!

Thank you,


Hi Cleo!

The quality migrant scheme, though presented as an opportunity for all, is an elite thing that is only given to scholars, sportsmen/women and other famous figures (singers etc.). I wouldn't go that path if I were you.

Good thing is that most employers who want to hire you will make the effort to give you a visa. Getting work from overseas is obviously a bit more difficult than it would be if you were a local and on site, but once you get that employment offer the visa will just be an administrative step that will (and can only) be managed by your future employer, and your involvement in the process will be limited to filling in a couple of forms and stapling a photo to them.

If you are married, your partner is eligible for a "dependent" visa that allows him/her to apply for a job. Your employer might take charge of that but even if they don't it's just a form to fill and less than 10 quids to pay to the immigration department to get that in less than 5 weeks. HK administration is impressively efficient and helping. In the mean time, staying in HK with a basic tourist visa is not a problem.