Extend My Viza

Good evening ...                                                    i just arrived in hong kong 2 August and i like a place too much but my viza is 30 days and i would like to have more than month here....can i exist to Maccau  for one day and return back here?   do i have to spend more than one day out of hongkong ? do i have to pay for an other viza ? plz hope i get your answers soon.

Hi Abdel2,

I invite you to have a look at this thread : https://www.expat.com/en/guide/asia/hon … -kong.html
It might help you to find some useful information about visa.


Priscilla :)

thank you so much priscilla  :top:

There is no obligation in terms of delay but
1. Yes you have to pay for another visa
2. The delay is typically 5 days, you cannot come back to HK during that time
3. You are supposed to only apply for a visa in your city of residence... They have no obligation to give you a new visa considering that you were supposed to leave at the end of the first one. Chances are that they will ask you for a copy of your plane ticket and only give you a visa that is valid until that day.

How much i have to pay ?and i want to extend my viza cos we re planning me and my partner to get married here. so if there is an appointment could be enough to get an extend for.informing you my partner had Hk ID and working here ? and i already paid 6 month rent here ?

Bonjour Abdel

As I explained to you a few weeks ago: in Hong Kong, many foreigners have a HKID but it does not mean that their husband/wife can get a visa and HKID too. Your ability to get a visa depends on the kind of visa that your future wife has.

If she has a domestic helper visa - I think that you confirmed that earlier - then getting married to her gives you no right to stay and you will have to leave HK when your tourist visa or the extension expires... even if the two of you are married. Even if you have paid a 6-month rent.

I strongly suggest that you go to the Immigration tower with a copy of your future wife's passport (including the visa page) and ask them what you can do. By experience, the only two reasons why they might accept are if:
- you can prove that you have sufficient revenues from overseas, or
- you have a job offer in Hong Kong

Sorry for the not-so-good news. I hope I'm wrong and you will come back here soon with good news!

oh what beautiful answers i like your clear answers yes you are right and i know that when it comes to  staying here needs always proof  ...  and  i am planing to go next monday ti immigration office and to ask about the best soultions i have if not may i will exit to an other country that s my passport allows me....and my futuer one working as manager for foregner company and she can t leave her job right now as she has to keep it for her self cos she need it .                                                           Finally i would like to thank you so much for your help and you were always providing me with infos since when i was in Morocco and now i am in Hongkong and you stilll always repling my message and getting interacted with me the best thanks and respects and regards from me to you Sir. Merci beacoup

Your future wife is a manager in a foreign company here in Hong Kong? That is very different from what I understood earlier.
If she is, then you will probably have the right to stay with her when you get married.


yes Sir. She is and i hope so. that s nice of you for any new info i will let you know. Many thanks  :thanks:

Then it should be ok. You can file a visa request together (she will sponsor you) as soon as you are married. The process is quite easy and takes a few weeks.

Hi !everybody                                                             I am an expat in HONGKONG for people who they want to extend their viza here they have to show many documents that supporting their  stay and price is 190 HKD.  Exit to Macau and returning back is not easy to obtain an other viza especially for the ones whom just permited to stay 30 day . They will be questioned why they are back if there are not too much evidence may they will be in trouble .