Life in hongkong

hello am 2star intend coming to Hong Kong with a tourist visa .. how easy to apply for residents permit if I intend to stay longer ..

Short answer: it is very difficult.

You can potentially get a renewal of your tourist visa by leaving the country and coming back to Hong Kong (a return trip to Macau is an option). Residence permit can only be obtained with a signed work contract (it has to be requested by the employer) and will take 4-6 weeks.

thanks boss for your reply ... does Macau need a visa also or its just only return flight ticket ... how easy to renew the Hong Kong tourist visa and pls lastly if renewing is it one month one get or its more than one month ?? thanks for I await your response

Sorry I didn't realise that you are from Nigeria, not Benin.
The Macau return trip will not work. You need to go back home and request a new visa for Hong Kong from your place of residence because it will be difficult / expensive to get a new tourist visa for HK in Macau.

Alternatively, you can ask for an extension of your stay in Hong Kong but you will have to provide a reason for that, and solid financial warranty. The renewal/extension can only be equal or less than your original duration of stay.