How to find job and get a work visa in hongkong

Hello all,
My name is Mohamad zeeshan umar  i am from Pakistan but now i am in hongkong on visit visa. I thought i can find a job there so i can settle here permanently but as the other Pakistanis they told me it seems really so hard to get an id here. Like many of Indian and Pakistanis are on just asylum status so they cant even work and we can imagine their life and also the ratio of acceptance is very low. I have traveled some countries also i have abroad working experience about 7 years so i a aware that if asylum rejected then it mean you will lose ur passport value and i don't want to do that. Can anyone tell me that how i can get the id as i think if getting id is hard so offcousre finding job would be also hard. So if i apply for business id is that possible i can get and how i can get also please any one tell me the complete requirements?

Mohamad zeeshan

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The requirements for a visa are to find a job. The job comes first.
The only way to obtain a visa is to have higher education displomas and/or a lot of experience in a field that most people don't know in Hong Kong. It is a bit harsh but those are the rules.

Hi I am from Nigeria and I have a bachelor's degree in Education economics. I am a teacher of over eleven years of experience. I teach mathematics, English language and economics. I also have a certificate in Chinese language from Peking University,so I speak basic Chinese. Please how do I get a teaching job .