None professionals / retirees

After spending a considerable amount of time reading your literature,
I have not come across any information with regards to a person
wishing to ( retire )  in HK, a very able-bodied person but not a professional
or semi-professional.
What are the possible chances of that person being offered a working position?
The person is self-supporting and needs no monetary support from the HK government.
The reason this question is being put for your ( EXPERT ) advice is that the said person is active and wishes to remain active when retiring in HK.
I realise that you do not take into consideration in your literature people over a certain age or maybe I over-looked that section if so I apologise.
Your response will be very much appreciated.


I am not sure I fully understand your request, as you mention a retiree but ask for "chances of that person being offered a working position?". Is that person willing to work or to retire?

If the person just wants to live as a retiree here without working, this is not a very common scenario, especially considering the cost of life in Hong Kong.

It is technically not true that the person will need "no monetary support from the HK government": living in HK under the protection of the HK Police, with the support of HK hospitals if any accident happens to you, etc. uses infrastructure that is being paid with HK government money.

The only foreigners that I know who live as retirees in HK are very wealthy; they typically live here part time on a tourist visa, with very solid international health insurance coverage.