Buying a property

Hi all,

Can someone please help me with information on buying a property in Dubai?

1. What is the procedure once I find a property I want to buy?

2. Is it just to sign a contract with the developer, make the down payment and continue with the monthly payment?

How long will this take?

Did I miss out on anything else?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, when you sign on the contract with a developers, they will take care of all the formality with local authorities for the purchased property.

Visa and other process must be done by yourself


Thanks Rajadubai2000,


Other formalities such as? This is what I need to know.

Trying to figure out how long I will need to stay in Dubai for the formalities.

Wont be entitled to a residence visa as the property will not be worth a million dirhams.


For residence visa application The property must have a purchase price of a minimum of Dh1 million and the outstanding mortgage must be no more than 50 per cent.

Process will take 3 - 6 weeks time depends on the developers and registration process.

Which areas are you interested in and what size of property are you looking for ?



Not interested in spending a million for a property there.

Deciding to look at offplan up to 650k only.

Which areas would you suggest?

I was thinling of JVC, Al Barsha or any convenient location.

Do you know of honest property developers?


HI Mr Nomadic

I have good knowledge of the Dubai property market and areas I have just replied to your message please check your inbox

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You can find a lot of guides in the internet,  just use your pc or phone

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