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My EP expires on October 17th 2019. My employer said that I should pay my tax and I can exit the country. He did not tell me I should cancel my EP. I found out that I should cancel my EP but he insists that it can run out. I need to return to Malaysia to vacate my home and shift my things back home. I planned to apply for a tourist visa.
VFS in Bangalore suggested that I write a letter to cancel my work permit and pay the fee for my tourist visa and they could process the same.
I have paid my tax till 2018. I am waiting for some details and payments and would like to pay 2019 tax after December 31st 2019.
Please advice. I have booked my tickets to return on the 20th of October 2019. What is the process to cancel my EP since my employer doesn't cooperate? Can it be done by the visa agent here with me submitting a letter? Will I be able to get a tourist visa so that I can complete my shifting and maybe on that trip, also cancel my EP?


Since the visa cancel date is 17th Oct, no need to cancel it again by company. it will automatically move to status that ur visa is no longer valid. May be thats the reason your company not cooperating.
And since ur visa is still valid till 17th you cannot apply for other visa. you need to wait till that period. Online you can apply for 14days tourist visa (wer u can get in one day time)or 3months tourist visa(wer u can get it in 2days time) instead going for 1year tourist visa(wer u need to submit ur passport to agent and take week time). for more info on 14days and 3months visas, u can just google it. but these visas only can be applied from india only.
coming to your tax, u can pay when u r here next time or through your HR cooperation by doing online payments.

Hope this info helps you.


Thankyou very much. The info you have shared has been extremely helpful.
Could you recommend a trustworthy site to apply for a 14 day or 3 months visa. Since my dates are very close.
When I reenter will the immigration have issues because my EP is not cancelled?

https://www.malaysiaevisagov.com/faqs/h … evisa-work
this is the link you need to follow. but you can proceed when you are out of Malaysia only. So, plan accordingly. Better you apply on 18th Oct so that can get it by 19th or 20th. Safer side, better you extend your travel date.
When you enter Malaysia, Immigration check for valid visa and they will not count expired visa. Since, your entry is genuine, give them valid genuine reasons for coming on tourist visa like tax payments etc.

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