If i lose my protocol slip

I applied for residency now waiting for RNM card. PF gave me one protocol which is valid for 6 month.

Now my question is if I lose this slip of protocol then can I receive my RNM card with photocopy of protocol slip? (Protocol slip is like photocopy , only written RNM number by pen)

2nd question .

Can my wife receive my RNM card without my absence?

Go to PF and have them print new one. They can look via name.

You have to retrieve the card in Person.

They need you to sign the release.

You have posted many different post as leaving husband, domestic violence, loosing protocol, who can or can husband pick up CRMN, when CRMN will arrive.
Seems you need to sit with PF for correct answers to ALL questions.
We can only speak of our experiences on this forum. Hope this not just "trolling"?

This forum is for sharing our experience sir.

It is answering question by our experiences and/or knowledge.
Many have shared and answered, but we are not the ones that are the true parties that can answer your questions which are specific to you.
My suggestion of going to the PF office will answer your questions.
If you do not follow the advice that is fine.

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