Why pf didn't take my passport to stamp?

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Actually some confusion is in my mind still. I registered with policia federal 3 week ago.  I have family reunion visa.  Why PF didn't take my passport to stamp permanent visa in my passport? 
Only RNM card i will get from PF?
This RNM is permanent visa or only ID card?
Please can you explain about it? 
Please, please

"I have family reunion visa"
Temporary Visa XI – family reunification visa;
As stated it is temporary therefore you would not receive a permanent stamp and entry and exit are recorded in the system
CRMN is a permanent residency card. Once you have provided all documents for a CRNM and accepted you will receive a protocol number on paper and you can use such while waiting on CRNM final judgement and processing.
The CRNM will be your visa and ID.  You need CRNM to open bank accounts as well as CPF
The CRNM can expire. Some have expiration dates, some do not, but if you leave Brazil for a extended time any CRNM can expire.

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There is a confusion. It is the visa to get you to enter the country and fast track system. You have to report to PF ASAP. Don't delay in prioritizing and processing your CRNM.

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Carteira de Trabalho (estrangeiro) is taking the longest time and very frustrating to book appointment.

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