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i got identtity malta receipt and how long take time for work permit release.?

Umm probably or maybe 3 to 4 months .. i got my recipt in july 29 and still counting days ..

babulama :

i got identtity malta receipt and how long take time for work permit release.?

There is already at least one topic started on this subject, if you look at it you may find the information you require, good luck.

ummm ho ra bro

hi there is so many posts i am confused and how can i treck permit.plz help me

I am not sure any members of  this forum will be able to answer your question precisely, however you should have been provided with approximate timescales by the same Identity Malta staff when your application was submitted. Applications are handled on a case by case basis, and the processing time would unfortunately also depend on how busy the department is.

If you are currently in Malta, you may wish to call in person at the Identity Malta office to check on the status of your application if more than the expected time has elapsed. Take the interim receipt that was issued upon submission of the application and your passport when you visit the office. Otherwise you can send an email to their customer care department       eresidence.ima[at]

Attach a scanned copy or a clear photo of the receipt and your passport. It is important you send the email from the same email address you provided on your application form, because this will identify that the enquiry is from the applicant themselves. As the staff at Identity Malta will have many emails to deal with, it may help if you list the residence card number that was allocated to you in the subject/title of your email. This is the number ending with the letter “A” printed on your receipt.

Whilst Identity Malta do list a customer care telephone number on their website, from my experience it is difficult at times to get an answer via telephone.

Hello Evreham,

I hope you are well. Regarding the interim receipt, can you still legally stay in malta even if you're visa is expiring soon please?

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