Family Visit Visa Delay


Anyone who have applied for Visit visa very recently and no status on the application? Same application page coming without any update? Im also facing the same issue.. help needed

Dear iam also facing same issue i done coc on monday still status not change  it is showing same page

Yea same issue with me as well..

Hi Raheem and irham, you have any update?

No update yet. same status

No bro still same

I spoke to my HR in ofc , he was saying earlier 48hours it used to happen but they changed now to 2 weeks

applied on 31st august..been 6 working days....same issue here...

i applied on 26th august, still not approved.


i applied on 26th august, still not approved.

What is the response you get when you check the status using the reference number?

have applied for 2 years multiple visit visa....wondering if this has to do anything

No, v have applied for 90days only still same issue

thanks bro.....

It was like request a family visit.

But today approved and I received the visa

Oh congrats, as I told it's taking 2weeks for approval..anyone else received?

Still others application showing under process?

I apply on 2/9/019 still status is not change

can we renew a 90 days visit visa for more 90 days

I got visa today :)

congrats to those recieved....inshaAllah lets wait

I received today, mostly all are getting approved it seems

when did you apply?

Sept 5th

assalaam wo alikum visa today...had applied on 1st...2 years multiple visit visa

I had applied 5th sep,   chambered 9th sep,  for 1 year multiple entry.  Still waiting...  insha Allah

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