Family Visit Visa Delay

Mr. Mubeen kindly tell me how and where to mention old visa no, I have the same problem i got 2-year multiple visa which is not accepted in etimad center Pakistan, so guide me please how to write a new application and where to mention old visa no.

In the purpose of visit column you have to type " cancel Visa no xxxxxxxxxx

Anyone got approvals??

Yes my visa got stamped for multiple entry

Mr. Ateeq, type arabic note in purpose of visit column as mentioning cancel visa no : xxxxx or edit visa no : xxxxxxx

Thank for your advice bro.

JazakAllahu Khair

Assalamu Alaikum.

Anybdy visa approved?

Yes mine approved

[at] Narayana.. have you mention old visa number while applying new?

Didn't mention, I applied on 19th

ok.. thanks...

me also applied without mentioning anything still not approved. but my is from khobar region. i think they approving riyadh side only now may be next week in khobar. In Sha Allah.. lets see.

you apply visa for how many days.

please mention days how many days you apply visa and as per new rule anything happen with multiple entry visa

any one got 1yr visa after 18th COC

Did you get visa

Yes, I did COC on 19thsep

كتابة عنوان السكن ؟ ( المدينة والحي و الشارع ) المنطقة الشرقية

What does it mean??    😔😔


COC s chamber of commerce

got multiple visits visa. alhamdulillah

i got visa today

I also got today.. Alhumdulillah :)

got visa alhamdullilah...thanks mubeen,
whats the fees agent is charging in india for 1 yr mult visa

JazakAllah & Congrats to Mr. Ahmed, nearly 14000 indian rupees for one passport it includes everything + 1 year insurance

Stamping charges for 1 year multi or 1 month single is 12000 INR with insurance.. If u can send royal travels mumbai office by courier it will cost 10500 only

The person who are staying away from mumbai will cost more i.e hyderabad etc.

thanks jibu and mub

I gave in aerospace hyd, they charged 22000 for 2ppl with 1yr insurance

Slight difference will be there depending on currency rates

you have to apply a new request

My family visa got rejected😔 is there any time limit to reapply. Pls reply.

My family visa got rejected. Is there any time period to reapply for it?

No  time limit  anuja. ..but do check your iqama validity

assalaam o alikum dear all....some queries...

1)has the rule changed for old visit visa holders too,regarding extension of the visa

2)for multiple visit visa of a year(new) u need to exit after 3 or 6 months?

3)can exit be done to bahrain or india?

Is that mentioning is necessary now also ? Any ideas?

dear brothers,
i applied for visit visa for my mother in law, my profession is engineer, COC done on 11 Dec 2019 am still awaiting for visa for MOFA , can any one tell as per new visa rules in place, how many days it take to get visa.

u can wait....u will get a reply ,positive or negative u will get time limit bro..sometimes days or 2 weeks too it might take

Make a fresh application and mention a note in Arabic in purpose of visit column, as edit old visa no : xxxxxx or issue new visa.

I applied for Family VIsit visa, COC has done on 11-12-2019, but no action from the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Enquired in Riyadh at Head office, they told that COC has done with Al Kharj has no connection with MOFA and it will take time to resolve this technical issue, does anyone has faced the same issue?
if so please share any info regarding this issue

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